Learn How To Produce, Record, Mix and Master a Song From Start to Finish

Witness the entire production process of a record from start to finish, and learn how to take your productions to the next level

Let's Skyrocket Your Production Skills!

Rockstars Weekend will show you how you can take a simple song demo and transform it into a professionally produced product.

Whether you just started recording your songs or have been producing music as a hobby for over 30 years, you’ll take your skills to the next level. We’ll be giving you an inside look into the production process from start to finish. Whether you need help with pre-production, arrangement, recording techniques or mixing, we’ll cover it all in just three days.

Join Us for a Kick-Ass Learning Experience

One of the reasons this weekend will be better than any other recording course is that it'll teach you about both sides of the glass. You won't just learn the production and engineering techniques to record great music, but you'll also see the session from the perspective of the musician and songwriter.

Forget about spending a year in recording school or trying to learn from random videos on the internet. In just three days you’ll have our blueprint to the entire recording process. That way you can take that knowledge and apply it to your productions, or to get more clients into your own studio.

Lij will be in the role of producer and engineer while Björgvin will be bringing his own music to the table and acting as the singer/songwriter. That way you'll you'll get education from both sides of the glass, whether you're looking to improve your production chops for your clients or just want to learn how to make your own music better.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  1. Pre-Production: How to make the songs as good as possible before you even start the recording process. We'll discuss the importance of the song structure, strengthening the lyrics, finding the right tempo and arrangement as well as getting the overall production right before recording.
  2. Recording Techniques: You'll learn how to use different kinds of microphones, how to position them correctly and get a great sounding instrument at the source.
  3. Musician Mindset: We'll be using seasoned session musicians throughout the process so you'll glean insights from them as to how they approach writing and performing their parts.
  4. Recording With Pro Session Musicians: You'll learn how to record a full backing band in the studio. You'll understand how to use microphone techniques to deal with bleed and production techniques to get a great, cohesive performance.
  5. Recording Overdubs: You'll learn how to record keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, and vocals during the overdubbing stage. You'll learn how to get the best tone from both the instrument as well as the musician.
  6. Mixing and Mastering: At the end of the recording session we'll show you how to mix using EQ, compression, effects like reverb and delay, and tricks like saturation and parallel processing. 

At the end, you'll walk out with the knowledge needed to produce your own songs, EPs, or albums in your own studio.


Thursday Evening,  August 17th

Pre-Production Meetup Party

Join us in the studio for a pre-production session and learn how to make a song as strong as possible before we start recording. We'll discuss the importance of lyrics, arrangement, song structure and what kind of sound we'll be looking for throughout the production process.

Studio Set-up and Microphone Techniques Explained

Learn to prepare for a session so that everything runs smoothly the day of recording. We'll talk about microphone techniques, mic placement and how to record a full band together in the studio. 

Then we'll all hang out, mingle and nerd out about music and audio together while enjoying Nashville's great nightlife.

Friday, August 18th

Full Band Tracking Session. Drums, Bass, Guitars and Vocals

Join us for a full day of tracking where we'll create a song arrangement with seasoned session musicians and record them all live in the studio. You'll get insights from the session musicians about their creative approach to creating their parts in the studio while learning the production techniques of recording drums, bass, guitars and vocals together.

Rockstars Mastermind Session

Your continued studio success is important to us. That's why we'll dedicate a part of the weekend to explore solutions to your unique recording and studio business goals.

Saturday, August 20th

Overdubs and Vocal Production

After our day of tracking we'll be overdubbing additional instruments as needed for the production to add extra depth to the arrangement.

After that we'll spend time focusing on getting the best vocal sound and performance, in addition to adding layers of backup vocals.

Sunday, August 20th

Post Production and Mixing

After the tracking is over we'll focus our energy on making the recordings sound as good as they possibly can. We'll do any necessary editing and tuning for tightness and then spend the rest of the day diving into the world of mixing. 

You'll learn how to mix like a real pro, with both in-the-box processing and outboard gear. You'll learn tips and techniques to add that extra 10% to your mixes that your songs have been lacking in order to take them from good to great.

We'll use EQ, compression, effects and other mixing techniques to transform our live recording into a professional, radio-ready song.

Monday, August 21st

Wrap-Up Party With the Solar Eclipse!

Join us on Monday for the Solar Eclipse, a once in a lifetime experience that will be happening right over the studio!


Rockstar Weekend takes place at The Toy Box Studio, home of the legendary MCI console, which shaped the sounds of many hit records like Hotel California by The Eagles, I Shot the Sheriff by Eric Clapton and Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees.

Watch the video below to get a tour of the studio from Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner.


Björgvin Benediktsson

Björgvin is a musician, audio engineer and best-selling author. He's taught thousands of home studio musicians and engineers how to improve their productions through Audio Issues. He's a professional musician who's played with numerous bands and toured both locally and internationally.

Lij Shaw

Lij is a chart breaking, award winning, music producer who's been making records for over 25 years. Rockstar Week takes place at his Grammy award winning studio, The Toy Box Studio, in East Nashville TN. His client list is too large to name just a few but a good list can be found here. 

Photos From Past Rockstar Events

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-Björgvin & Lij​