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Are You Making These Top Ten Mixing Mistakes

Included in your subscription is your free copy of my e-book Are You Making These Top Ten Mixing Mistakes? In this e-book I go over a few common mistakes and misconceptions in music mixing.

Examples include the difference between bussing and routing, send effects and inserts as well as headroom, to name a few.

Presentation on Web Presence in the Music Industry

Also included is a presentation on creating a web presence for people in the music industry. I geared this lecture towards musicians but it applies to any type of career you want to build a web presence with.

The lecture covers:

  • The importance of the website
  • Types of websites
  • An evolution of an idea(this site)
  • Success Stories
  • Blogging platforms
  • The Basics of SEO
  • Using Keyword Supply/Demand
  • How Search Engines View Websites
  • SEO Success
  • Social Media for Musicians
  • Using Twitter
  • Keywords for Twitter
  • Reaching Customers
  • Expanding Your Web Presence

In addition to the slides, each slide has explanatory notes in the notes section of PowerPoint.

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