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  • 4 eBooks – One eBook delivered weekly packed full of useful tips and tricks for setting up your studio, improving your recordings, making the most of your productions and efficiently using reverb.
    • Building a Home Recording Studio for Under $1,000
    • Simple Tricks to Improve Your Recordings
    • Music Production Made Simple
    • How Reverb Makes Everything Fall Into Place
  • 10-Part eCourse – Are You Making These Mixing Mistakes is a 10-part eCourse that shows you the best way to mix by teaching you how to avoid the pitfalls of embarrassing mixing mistakes.
  • Ongoing Newsletter – Never miss a great audio production tip by getting updates about everything that’s going on at the blog straight to your inbox.



Week 1 – Setting Up Your Studio and Your Mix

  • The Bare Essentials You Need to Get Started in Your Studio
  • Setting Up Your Studio For the Most Optimal Sound and Productivity
  • A Cheap Way to Get Acoustic Treatment
  • Learn to Avoid the Incredible Noise You Add to Your Tracks With Simple Editing Tricks
  • Discover How You Can Make Your Tracks Sound Tighter Even if You DIDN’T Get it Right at the Source
  • Learn to Make your Mixes Breathe for Your Mastering Engineer’s Peace of Mind
  • How Lower Volume Can Actually Create More Impact In Your Mixes
  • Set Up Your Mix and Avoid Becoming a Victim of This Vicious Volume Cycle


EbookLibrary#4-3DCoverWeek 2 – Recording Tips and Best Practices for Mixing

  • 21 Recording Studio Tips for a Smoother Session
  • The Simple Truth About a Killer Drum Recording
  • Top Ten Methods for Recording Acoustic Guitar
  • Learn compression tricks that help you avoid squashed and lifeless mixes
  • How and when to use gain-compensation
  • Only using reverb presets will make your mixes muddier. Learn to tweak them for clarity
  • Easy starting points to improve any preset in your library


EbookLibrary#3-3DCoverWeek 3 – Music Production & Mixing Made Simple

  • Why Alice in Wonderland Knows a Thing or Two About Pre-Production
  • The 4 P’s of Music Production and Engineering
  • How Economic Theory Can Help You With Producing
  • The Must Read Books On Music Production and Engineering
  • Easy EQ Tips to Reduce Muddiness By Only Using Your Filters
  • The 19 Most Overused Music Production Clichés
  • The 10 Audio Production Lies You’re Probably Telling Yourself
  • 3-Step Checklist for Simpler Mixes
  • Use These Grouping Tips to Reduce Your Mixing Time By Hours


EbookLibrary#2-3DCoverWeek 4 – Using Reverb and Other Sends & Inserts

  • How Reverb Makes Everything Fall Into Place
  • An Easy Way to Choose the Right Reverb
  • Why and When Recording With Reverb is Harmful to Your Audio
  • 5 Reverb Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Idiot
  • Learn the Critical Elements to Routing Your Tracks So You Don’t End Up With Unnecessary Muddiness
  • Learn When It’s Smarter to Use Sends or Inserts (And Know When You Can Break the Rules)


Week 5 – Why Mixing in Mono is So Important

  • An Idiot’s Guide to Checking Your Mix in Mono
  • Learn to Use Stereo Effects Without Making Them Vanish in Mono
  • How Mixing in Mono Makes for a Better Stereo Mix


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