If you’ve been looking for a great EQ guide to fix those nasty frequencies in your mixes, look no further.

Using EQ is the first step to making your instruments play well together. Knowing how to EQ can help you make room for all the instruments in the mix. It helps you avoid clashing instruments and gives you complete control over the frequency spectrum.

In the following EQ guide I’ll give you a run-down of the frequency spectrum. By recognizing what certain frequencies sound like, you’ll become faster and more effective at EQ’ing your mixes.

11 Invaluable Articles About EQ

Before we dive into the frequency spectrum, here are some additional articles to read. When I said ‘Ultimate EQ Guide’ I wasn’t kidding. This is literally everything I know about EQ.

Let’s Clean Up Your Boomy Low-End and Get Rid of Your Harsh Highs So You Can Finally Hear All the Instruments in Your Mix

You’re in luck. You can download EQ Strategies –  The Ultimate EQ Guide and fix your frequency problems right now.
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