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The Jedi Master and His Insanely Informative Mastering Course

A year ago I thought I was a decent enough mastering engineer.

I mean, it wasn’t so hard. You only needed 3-4 things really.

No worries I thought. I got this.

Turns out I was more of a Episode I Anakin than an Episode VI Luke.

I had the instinct and the know-how to master, but I didn’t have the touch nor the tricks.

I was afraid of using stereo processing because I was afraid of the dark side of total phase destruction.

I didn’t understand the importance of using meters to help me. I was flying blind and didn’t know how to trust my instruments.

I hadn’t even thought about using Mid/Side processing for mastering. I only thought that was for recording?!

Not to mention distortion and saturation?!? Those were surely some shady tricks trying to pull me over to the dark side.

What I learned was that it was actually all very usable in the right situation.

A touch of stereo widening opened up a song.

Meters were invaluable in telling me when some songs were louder than others, or if they were lacking dynamic range.

Distortion could really give an edginess to an already smoking metal song.

As for M/S processing, let’s just say I still think that’s from the dark side. The things you can do with M/S processing are almost too good to be true.

All I did was learn from the master. He might laugh when I say that he’s a Jedi Master, but that’s the closest I can come to describing his teaching methods.

When I released his Home Mastering Masterclass this past summer I jumped at the chance to get in on it. And man it paid off.

When I said before, a year ago, that it was no problem?

“I got this?”

I didn’t really “got this.”

But now, after learning from his 8 week super-course, I actually do.

I really got this now.

And you can too.

The class is back on again and you can learn these Jedi Mastering Tricks just like I did. By popular demand he’s opening the class up again for all those interested in the mastering arts.

Just click the link to get started with your Jedi training, young Padawan.


Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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