13 Days of Yuletide Tips from the Icelandic Santa Clauses

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For the next 13 days you’ll be in for a fun treat.

For the holidays we do things a little bit differently in Iceland.

We don’t have one jolly Santa Claus bringing gifts one day a year.

Oh no, we have 13 of them!

They’re called Yule Lads and they’re all brothers that live in the highlands of Iceland. Thirteen days before Christmas they come down from the mountain, one by one, bringing the children gifts.

Each Yule Lad is different and will be bringing you a short audio tip each day for the next 13 days, ranging from pre-production to mastering. These are small food for thought nuggets you should keep in mind for your next productions.

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Image credit: http://www.iceland.is/images/the-icelandic-yule-lads.jpg