Bjorgvin Profile w BuckleyThe Audio Issues Home Studio Musicians group is a place where we come together to share our successes, tips on music production and support each other to become better audio engineers and home studio musicians.

I created this group because I thought email was a bit too one-sided and I wanted to engage with you guys in a bigger way. Instead of back and forth email discussion with my readers I wanted this Facebook group to be somewhere we hang out and share our accomplishments as a community.

That said, I don’t want this group to be a boring free-for-all with no structure like so many other Facebook groups. That’s why the following rules are in place, to maintain a supportive and engaged community of like-minded home studio musicians and engineers.

Please stick to these rules and help us create one of the best audio support groups online.

By being a part of this community you are agreeing to these rules listed below.

1. Don’t Spam and Self-Promote Yourself

No self-promotion is allowed, except where explicitly stated in specific “Self-Promo” posts.

There will be plenty of opportunity to share your mixes to get feedback but if all you’re doing is spamming the group with your latest music without engaging with the community and answering other people’s questions you won’t find much success in this group.

I may break this rule and promote something if I believe it gives the group value. I reserve that right as the group moderator and community creator.

2. No Soliciting

Do not post in the group and ask people to PM you to find out more about what you offer, how you can help or to work with you.

Your comments (and YOU) will be removed.

3. Don’t Be an Asshole

As a blogger I’ve received a lot of hate mail. The internet teaches you to have thick skin but I will not tolerate any assholes inside this group.

Be polite and don’t be a dickhead.

That means being respectful and having a constructive conversation, not an angry argument.

If you’re rude or disrespectful or spammy I’ll simply remove and ban you. This is not a place for internet trolls.

4. Help Each Other

Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.

Ask questions.

Give answers.

Share your knowledge and experience to other, less experienced engineers and musicians.

The more you give, the better you feel and the more you will be appreciated in this group.

5. I am Blunt and Abrasive

But that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I tend to swear and use bad language and I often give out “tough love” advice.

I sincerely want you to succeed and I’ll try my best to help you out as much as possible. However, I might have a different opinion than you on how you get there but please don’t take anything I say as an insult.

My friends call me a “Bull-headed Icelandic Male” and you’ll probably experience some of that through the group.

If that offends you, this probably ain’t the group for you and you should remove yourself now 😉

6. Don’t PM or Friend Me

If you have a question about why your post was deleted, if your post is ok or any other question related to this Group, email me at

I will reply to your email in a timely manner during business hours of Monday – Friday, 9-5 MST.

Also, I tend to keep my personal Facebook profile fairly private and I only friend people that I know personally or have met in real life. I ask you to respect that. It’s my goal to be involved in the group enough so that you’ll probably get sick of me anyway 😉

If you don’t agree with ALL of these rules, kindly remove yourself from the group.

Other than that, let’s have some fun!

**Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. It’s on you to keep up.

How to Be Successful in This Group

1. Be Open Minded

Don’t come in with the intention of proving someone wrong or being antagonistic in any way. Rather, come in here and be helpful. You’ll be remembered much more favorably that way.

2. When posting, have some fun and be helpful.

If you’re asking a question, make sure it hasn’t been answered before. If you’re giving advice then try to make it as helpful as possible.

3. Don’t share the same content across 10 different Facebook groups. 

Many people belong to those same groups and see your same posts repeated and that says more about you than you realize.

4. Check in regularly but keep your eye on the goal.

Make sure the notifications for this group are on so you see whenever we’re posting fun and engaging content in here.

However, if you’re always in here and not working on improving your music by writing, recording, producing or mixing then you aren’t improving as a musician or engineer.

5. Share your thoughts and experiences because they are valuable to others. 

I believe we can all learn from each other, regardless of where you are in your musical journey.

If you’re a new home studio musicians that learned a cool new trick you hadn’t heard about before, share it! Similarly, if you’re a real veteran of the industry and you want to stress something very basic, chances are people will find that useful too!

All right, that was a bit long but I believe it’s necessary to create a fun and engaging community.

Hope to see you on the inside: