Recommended Products and Programs

Step By Step Mixing: How To Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins

The 2nd Edition of the #1 Amazon Best-Seller For Musicians and Engineers Looking to Skyrocket Their Mixing Skills.

Discover the Proven Step By Step Mixing Process That's Helped Thousands of Musicians Proudly Release Their Records.

The Easy Mix Approach

The Easy Mix Approach shows you a "templatized" approach to mixing that’s straightforward, adaptable, and focused on what truly matters – your music.

Make your next mix your best with the Easy Mix Approach, and use my proven plug-in starting points for quick, consistent, quality mixes every time.

EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ

This is your step-by-step program for using EQ to take your mixes to the next level and finally get that truly professional sound. Get the book, the course, the EQ plug-in, as well as the presets and starting points to learn easy EQ'ing.

Audience Amplifier

If you want to run effective Facebook and Instagram ads to reach a wider audience, get more people to follow you, and find new studio clients, the Audience Amplifier is for you. In this 90-minute workshop, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to set up and run your first (or next!) advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram, taken from my experience selling 40,000+ books and courses online.

The Home Studio Mastery Coaching Program

Get the hands-on help and on-demand training you need to master your home recording studio so that you can confidently transform your rough recordings into finished, professional music you're proud to release.

If you need help mixing and mastering your song, I offer mix coaching through my Home Studio Mastery program to serious musicians willing to invest in themselves to learn to finish and release their music.

If you'd like to hear the results my students have achieved after learning from me, check out this playlist of some of my favorite releases from my students and then use the button below to join the Home Studio Mastery program.

Note: On this playlist, I personally mixed and mastered "Simon, Taylor, Denver, Cash," "Union Pacific,""Flame," "Arsonist," and "Fire." (Seems like I have a thing for songs about things that burn..." and I also mastered "Black Melody."

If you're looking for anything else from me, please don't hesitate to get in touch to let me know.