EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ

If you want to create separation between your instruments and balance in your mixes, EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ will help you accomplish that.

This eBook and video course is a comprehensive guide that teaches you to understand and recognize frequencies so you can fix common problems like muddiness in your lows, harshness in your vocals and boxiness in your drums.

Put simply, once you master EQ, you'll be able to create space and hear all the instruments in your mix.

Mixing With 5 Plug-ins

Discover How To Use EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay and Saturation To Create incredible sounding mixes.

Mixing With 5 Plug-ins is an in-depth course with over 6 hours of content that teaches you to master the plug-ins you need for a great sounding mix. Learn exactly how to use the five most important plug-ins you already have in your DAW to transform your music from demos into professional sounding productions.

You'll learn to create separation between your instruments; You'll know exactly how and when to use each type of compressor; You'll become a master of adding space with reverb and delay; and you'll master the different styles of saturation to make your mixes stand out.

The Drum Mix Toolkit

The Drum Mix Toolkit is your one-stop-shop to getting professional sounding drums from your home recordings. Learn how to use EQ, compression, transient designers, sample replacement, reverb, saturation and parallel processing to transform your weak home studio drums into professionally produced drum sounds.

Unlock the expert advice from My 11 years of drum mixing inside the Drum Mix Toolkit. I share all the tricks and techniques I've amassed throughout the years of transforming thin and weak home recorded drums into punchy and powerful drum mixes.

Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing

Sit down next to me and watch me mix a song in two hours while I explain my mixing philosophy around balance, panning, EQ, compression and effects. If you've ever thought your mixes sound two-dimensional and you wish you could watch somebody explain their mixing methods to you while they mix then Quick Mixing is for you.

If you take forever to mix and don't have time to watch every single Youtube video on mixing, then Quick Mixing will teach you a workflow that lets you create professional quality mixes in less time.

If you already know the basics of mixing but still waste time trying to finish...or want to finish more mixes faster to release more music...or just want to be as productive as possible so you can create quality mixes for your clients without losing quality - and making more money per hour - then Quick Mixing is for you.

Live Sound Basics - How to Break Into Live Sound

If you would like to learn how to become a kick-ass, in-demand live sound engineer that all the bands want to know, even if you've NEVER run live sound before in your life, then Live Sound Survival might be for you.

Whether you're an engineer that wants to break into the live industry or a musician that just wants to know how to make their band sound better, this eBook is stock full of information on how to achieve those goals.