EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ

If you want to create separation between your instruments and balance in your mixes, EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ will help you accomplish that.

This eBook and video course is a comprehensive guide that teaches you to understand and recognize frequencies so you can fix common problems like muddiness in your lows, harshness in your vocals and boxiness in your drums.

Put simply, once you master EQ, you'll be able to create space and hear all the instruments in your mix.


"An immediate and hugely practical understanding of the frequency spectrum and fantastic examples of positive and negative aspects of the key audio frequency bands as related to achieving better mixes. A superbly comprehensive and humorously written book by someone with lots of of a practical experience, that beats many video tutorials on this subject. Plus you can have a comprehensively indexed pdf to hand for quick referencing while mixing without needing to fire up a video tutorial and scrub through the timeline hoping to find what you're looking for! I was a beta reader for the eBook and I liked the content so much I bought the full course!"

Alan Doyle Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Score Developer

Mix Finisher Formula - The Only Mixing System You Need to Produce Radio-Ready Records

Mix Finisher Formula shows you the simple system you can use to confidently finish your mixes and proudly release your records...every time you work on a song.

No missing steps, no confusion. Just a quick and effective blueprint musicians and producers can learn in only six weeks to get from a rough recording to a finished mix.

Mix Finisher Formula opens up regularly to new students so make sure you sign up to the wait list and get my Mix Finisher Cheatsheet while you wait.


"Overall, I really enjoyed the course. I think for me the most valuable thing was seeing your screen and watching your thought process visually. I have read mixing textbooks in the past and the information is simply too dense to be all that useful. I've been mixing for a while as a hobby and in that time have picked up many bad habits, and this course definitely helped me re-learn the habits that make for better mixes. I really enjoyed the course. I personally didn't really want to use the song that you were mixing and instead opted for applying the techniques I learned from the videos to my own mix. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out on their mixing journey as well as folks like me who have been mixing for a while but haven't learned good fundamentals...overall I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Wyn Evans Engineer/Producer

Audio Issues Insiders - Join a Powerful Community of Musicians and Engineers Who Finish Their Mixes and Proudly Promote Their Songs

Audio Issues Insiders include everything you need to know to write, produce, mix, and master your songs. And once your song is finished and you're ready to release it, you have access to the resources that help you take the next steps to promote it.

Get access to music production and promotion courses, in-depth feedback on your mixes, expert interviews with industry veterans, and a supportive community dedicated to help you succeed.

The Drum Mix Toolkit and Expert Home Vocals Production Bundle

The Drum Mix Toolkit is your one-stop-shop to getting professional sounding drums from your home recordings. Learn how to use EQ, compression, transient designers, sample replacement, reverb, saturation and parallel processing to transform your weak home studio drums into professionally produced drum sounds.

Unlock the expert advice from My 11 years of drum mixing inside the Drum Mix Toolkit. I share all the tricks and techniques I've amassed throughout the years of transforming thin and weak home recorded drums into punchy and powerful drum mixes.

Expert Home Vocals combines everything I know about producing pro vocals in the home studio. Expert Home Vocals helps you bypass the mistakes I made so that you can get professional sounding vocals from your home studio in less than a week (as opposed to years).

The workbook and the videos will show you the exact process you need to follow to get commercial quality vocals from your project studio.

You can be secure in knowing that whenever you need to record, edit, or mix vocals you'll know that your methods will work every time, giving you professional quality vocals even if you don't have high-end equipment or a fancy studio.


"Drum Mix Toolkit is a fantastic resource. Not only is it a well written book full of tips, tricks, and workflow methods that you can implement today, but to me, the best part is that it also contains video examples by Bjorgvin himself so you can actually hear the techniques in action! It's one thing to read about audio, but it's another to see exactly how to use these techniques in a real session, and more importantly, to hear the differences made through the process. To top it off, Bjorgvin has provided the practice tracks he used in the videos for free as well! Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended! What I've learned in this package will be used on my bands/brothers drum tracks for years to come!"

Jonathan Timpe Home Studio Musician


"I like how in this course Björgvin goes through the whole process of recording vocals without skipping a beat, so to speak.  He does not just talk about mic technique and mixing, although he has plenty of excellent tips on these subjects.  He also talks about the importance of pre-production and making sure that the vocalist is comfortable in the studio, and how things that some engineers might not think about, like the lights, or the quality of the headphone mix can affect the mood and therefore the vocal performance.  Overall this is an excellent course in one of the most important aspect of recording, getting the vocals right."

Haukur PalmasonRecording Engineer (Credits include symphony recordings for the TV show Vikings),