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Crush It With EQ - 71 EQ Hacks to Create Better Separation Between Your Instruments

This guide is the PDF version of my 5-day EQ Course, Crush It With EQ.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Effective Filtering Techniques to Clean Up Your Mixes
  • Exactly Where to Boost and Cut to Fix Your Frequency Problems
  • Over 70 Simple EQ Tips to Make Your Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards and Synths Fit Together in Your Mixes

Recommended Course: EQ Strategies - The Ultimate Guide to EQ.

EQ Strategies - The Ultimate Guide to EQ is a step by step guide that teaches you how to understand and recognize frequencies. Once you master EQ, you'll be able to create space and separation between all the instruments in your mix.

You'll know exactly where your instruments are clashing, making any EQ problem easy to fix.

For more in-depth EQ techniques to create separation in your instruments and balance in your mixes, EQ Strategies will help you out.

6 Steps to Fix Your Muddy Mixes

Low-mid buildup is an incredibly common problem in home studio mixes.

In this free report you’ll learn:

  • Fix low-mid buildup for clearer mixes
  • Eliminate boominess for a punchier low-end
  • Create a more balanced mix with simple EQ tips you can use with ANY DAW.

Recommended Premium Course: Mixing With 5 Plug-ins

EQ is only one part of the equation. Become a Master of EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay and Saturation with Mixing With 5 Plug-ins

You'll learn to create separation between your instruments; You'll know exactly how and when to use each type of compressor; You'll become a master of adding space with reverb and delay; and you'll master the different styles of saturation to make your mixes stand out.

Mix Translation Cheatsheet

Getting your mixes to translate to every speaker is incredibly important. You want your song to sound the way you mixed it across all types of speaker system.

My 7-step translation cheat sheet will help you make your mixes sound good on every speaker you play it through.

Recommended Course - Drum Mix Toolkit

Even if your drums sound great in your home studio, they might sound terrible on other speakers. That's why it's so important to make sure your drum mixes translate to every sound system you play it through.

Your Drum Mix Toolkit is your one-stop-shop to getting professional sounding drums from your home recordings.

If you need to learn how to mix acoustic drums or breathe new life into your programmed samples, you'll discover new techniques and a solid foundation of knowledge to do just that.

110 Mixing Tips from the Quick Mixing Checklist

Follow the 110 Tips Inside the Quick Mixing Checklist and Create Awesome Sounding Mixes

Included in the Quick Mixing Checklist are questions to help you learn:

  • 14 Things to Think About to Get a Great Static Mix
  • 16 Tricks That'll Transform Your Drum Sound
  • 31 Techniques For a Tighter Bass and Bigger Guitars
  • 27 Ways to Create a Professional Vocal Sound With EQ, Compression and Effects
  • Plus: 31 Questions to Ask Yourself About Editing and Mastering to Take Your Mixes to the Next Level.

Recommended Course: Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing

In Quick Mixing, I’ll show you how to take a song from a two-dimensional recording to a quality mix that jumps out of your speakers.

If you've ever thought your mixes sound two-dimensional but you need them to sound more polished and professional; if you want to learn from somebody else’s fast mixing techniques while they explain their methods or if you just need a complete look at somebody’s session from A - Z to help you understand how you can improve your productions, then Quick Mixing is for you.

Soundcheck Checklist

  • Step by step instructions to run a successful soundcheck even if you're doing it for the very first time.
  • How to soundcheck specific instruments and make the vocalist sound (and feel) great!
  • How to build your mix during soundcheck so you can sit back and enjoy the show.
  • The easy way to look like a pro even if you don't have a clue what you're doing

Recommended Premium course - Live Sound Basics

Transform yourself from an amateur sound-tech to the professional live sound expert bands love to work with.

Get a solid foundation of the most important live sound fundamentals from instructors with over 20 years of experience in the live sound industry.

In Live Sound Basics you'll learn how to build a mix, EQ your live instruments and quickly fix common sound system problems before they ruin your show.