Meet the Audio Issues Team

We wouldn't be able to serve thousands of Audio Issues students each month without our dedicated team of Audio Issues All Stars. Along with our rotating cast of guest contributors, they are invaluable to the operation and we couldn't do it without them. 

James Wasem - Book Editor

James is a fellow audio geek and musician with 20 years of experience in sound system design and installation. He’s written several books about live sound and live streaming, and he’s the editor for the library of Audio Issues books, making sure that my manic music production ramblings make sense to our students. 

There were three dreams I had for my life from a young age: be a pilot, play drums, and become an audio engineer. I became an audio engineer after realizing how hard it was to make a living playing drums at the age of 19. The great thing is that being a musician was very informative in my work running live sound and designing sound systems as a day job. I had no idea when I started that I would eventually write and edit books that teach thousands of fellow musicians and audio techs how to achieve great sound quality in their studios and live events. Eventually my work with all of those things allowed me to finally achieve my biggest dream of becoming a pilot. And my next challenge… Learn to play the hurdy-gurdy!

You can learn more about James and his work through his website at

Jessica Sanchez - Video Editor

Jes's job is the hardest in the world: Making me both look and sound good on camera, a task she does exceptionally well every time.

She is a professional videographer and the biggest fan of Pizza in the world. We had a competition once about who liked pizza more. I lost because she got a tattoo of a slice of pizza on her arm and I couldn't compete with that.

Jes edits the videos to all of our premium products and courses, making all the necessary changes to create engaging and informative videos and courses for our students.

Born and raised in New Mexico, Jes majored in Music Business at New Mexico State University. After graduating, she made Tucson her home for the last 9 years working as an audio engineer and video editor.

In 2013 she was hired as an in-house multimedia producer; overseeing production of videos and live stream events.

When not at the office, you can find her watching movies with her wife and two dogs, geeking out over Star Wars, or playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Kate Cannon - Support Specialist

Kate helps keep the day-to-day operations of Audio Issues running smoothly. Whether that's managing our team of content contributors, assisting students with technical issues, handling support tasks from customers or organizing our product suite of audio training, she's an invaluable part of getting things done behind the scenes.

Kate began her marketing career from her passion for film. She has always loved storytelling and connecting with audiences, which is what she does as an actor (on stage and on film) and as a writer/producer.

She loves that she gets to use these marketing tools to help educate other creatives to create better art. When not at her computer, she can be seen on stage, or on Darious's Britt's YouTube channel, traveling and producing films. Her most recent short film was produced and shot in Spain.

Liz Pocock - Executive Producer

In our cartoon universe, Liz has the honorary title of Executive Producer. In the real world, outside of her crucial role as Björgvin's wife and best friend, Liz is the CEO of Startup Tucson and the TENWEST Impact Festival and has over nine years of experience in economic development, community building and non-profit organizational management. As CEO, Liz has helped lead Startup in serving over 2500 entrepreneurs a year and grown TENWEST to over 14,000 attendees in 2019. 

Outside of Startup, Liz is a trained attorney and mediator, member of the Downtown Tucson Partnership Board, Google Women Techmaker and a member of the SBDC and Pima Community College Business Advisory Groups.

She is currently serving on the Tucson Convention Center Commission. She was a Tucson 40 under 40 recipient in 2019 and was the 2020 Tucson Women of Influence Rising Star Winner.

Buckley - Work/Life Balance Expert and Mix Mascot

Every studio needs a studio dog and Buckley keeps the work/life balance at Audio Issues in check.

Buckley knows my mix workflow better than myself because he knows exactly when it's time to bounce the mix out and go for a walk to check the mix on earbuds. 

Buckley has appeared in a couple of articles on how to finish your mixes and he's especially good at knowing when you've added too much high-end to your tracks.

He's a crucial member of the team and helps you remember when it's time to take a break after working too long in the studio.