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5 Bullet-Proof Ways to Become a Better Audio Engineer

This is a guest post by Jamie from Audio Engineering School. Please read the guest post guidelines if you wish to contribute a guest post. 1. Find Yourself A Mentor Or Critic Mixing, recording, sound design, and all the other complexities of audio engineering are all demanding tasks. They require in-depth understanding of acoustic concepts and...

The 5 Best Methods for Recording on Location

This is a guest post by Ashley Coxx. If you would like to submit a guest post, check out the guidelines here. While musicians have access to state-of-the-art recording studios, many travel to record their tunes on location. Challenging perhaps, for producers to get the sound quality they need, the practice of recording on location is...

Zen and the Art of a Strong Stereo Image

This is a guest post from mastering engineer Barry Gardner who operates SafeandSound online mastering From time to time I hear a mix that has a dubious stereo image.  This can affect both acoustic or electronic mixes. For acoustic mixes it is often the mic technique that creates a problematic stereo image. For electronic mixes,...

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