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The Sculptor’s Guide to Electronic Music Mixing

This is a guest post by Mark Dowdell. [Editor’s note: This guest post is a part of Dynamic Range Day 2012. Electronic music is one of the most unnecessarily compressed genres out there, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Any mix that’s allowed to breathe will sound better, especially electronic music filled with...

Are Musical Genres Important?

This is a guest post by Andrew Reilly. You might have noticed that a musical genre is the first label placed on a band. More often than not, the labeling is a lazy one. Not every band is able to fit neatly into a little box with a bunch of other bands but because of the...

The Top 10 Tips for the Home Studio

This is a guest post written by Barry Gardner of SafeandSound Online Mastering.  1. Postpone non-essential equipment purchases and invest some money into acoustic treatment. The results from basic acoustic treatment in a room will be audible on every recording and mix you make. Start with side wall absorbers for early reflections. Next, install a ceiling cloud...

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