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Learn to Record Instruments and Vocals Correctly


That song came together. You charted the chords, you finished the lyrics, and the melody is strong.

Now what? It’s time to record it for all to hear.

However, recording can be a stressful task if you’ve just started. There are so many recording techniques and things to think about that it can quickly overload your brain before you even press that red REC button.

Fortunately for you, all you have to do to record great audio consistently is to follow the simple guidelines below to make great home recordings.


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Here are some great resources for taking your recordings to the next level

The Pro Audio Files

In-depth tutorials on genres such as hip-hop and EDM. Use coupon code 'audioissues' for 10% off any training.

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Waves Plug-ins

I'm a big fan of Waves plug-ins. But i'm a bigger fan of their weekend deals. Get on their email list and get notified every time they have a special offer.

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There aren't many plug-ins I regard as must-haves but Ian Shepherd's plug-ins from Meterplugs are. Use them to create loud AND dynamic mixes.

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