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Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson. I'm a musician, audio engineer and best-selling author. I help musicians and producers make a greater impact with their music by teaching them how to produce and engineer themselves. I've taught thousands of up and coming home studio producers such as yourself how to make an impact with their music through Audio Issues since 2011.​

The Biggest Lie About EQ

The most annoying comment I see in the online audio forums is a variation of this nonsense: “You should only use subtractive EQ and never boost more than 3 dBs” This is…for a lack of a better term…absolute bullshit. And I’m willing to fight anybody who follows this advice as gospel. It’s just plain wrong...

No More EQ Problems

If you’re anything like my other students, you love to geek out about EQ. You may find it equally fascinating and frustrating. Frustrating when you can’t seem to find that muddy sound that’s throwing a blanket over your mix. Fascinating when you turn a knob or boost a frequency and your mix just jumps out...

Want a Grammy? Start Here.

The Grammys were on Sunday and I could feel a disturbance in the force. I knew that somewhere, in the deep dark recesses of the internet forums, some commercial studio curmudgeon with his jaded mindset was shitting on the incredible success of people he would never get to work with. If anything, I feel sad...

What’s the Secret to Consistently Promoting Yourself?

It’s easy, you just gotta BARP…or Be A Real Person. Being a faceless brand or an unapproachable corporate entity doesn’t cut it, and in this quick conversation snippet we’ll dig into what it really takes.   For Instantly Make Better Mixes: Build a Creative Business: Unlock the Secrets of the Music Industry:

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