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Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson. I'm a musician, audio engineer and best-selling author. I help musicians and producers make a greater impact with their music by teaching them how to produce and engineer themselves. I've taught thousands of up and coming home studio producers such as yourself how to make an impact with their music through Audio Issues since 2011.​

Don’t Ruin Your Relationships

“What?!?” you exclaim. “Another #$&$# email about his stupid masterclass about something or another I should try out to fix my mixes!” you scream at your email inbox. Your significant other silently wonders if this is the day you finally get committed. “He’s been on edge lately,” she later admits to her inner circle of...

Do you lock your doors?

Recently, I found myself video chatting with a group of audio bloggers and podcasters about the glorious safety that is the Kingdom of Canada, compared to our crime-riddled shantytowns down here in Trumpistan. “Canada is so safe. We always forget to lock our doors and it’s fine!” This is a story I’ve heard often, and...

IMPORTANT: No trade tariffs or economic sanctions on Audio Issues

Now that we’re looking down the barrel of the rollercoaster of an international trade-war, I wanted to make a statement from the Icelandic Embassy of Audio Issues. Ahem…*clears throat* — Begin Statement — “I, Björgvin Benediktsson, rightful ruler of the dominion of Audio Issues, a descendant of the Vikings, eternal student of audio education and...

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