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3 Simple Strategies To Spark The Celestial Seas Of Your Creativity

What if I told you that the answer to your creative problem was as simple as going for a walk? Whether it’s generating musical ideas, transforming an idea into a song, or finishing up a mix…

Or fine tuning THAT @#$%^^&* SNARE DRUM!

It so happens that a simple change of scenery can yield remarkable benefits to your creative thinking.

Let’s explore 3 amazing ways to summon that creative spirit!


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

I love this quote, it embodies a deep truth of our mind-body connection. If you think about it… haven’t some of your best creative ideas come to you while walking or performing some other low-intensity movement? 

I know I’ve had some of the most engaged and passionate conversations while going for a stroll with friends. Who would have thought that walking actually makes you more creative?

Research has shown us that walking increases our creative thinking. In our technological age, we often don’t get out in nature enough. We don’t get enough sunlight, we sit too much, we stare at screens too long and our breathing is shallow.

Damn, we’re turning into domesticated animals dude and dudettes.

In my own experience when I get too stuck in my head, I start over-analyzing things and all my ideas suck. This is because our minds and bodies are intrinsically connected.

Your body has an intelligence of its own, believe it or not. Inevitably your creative ideas will have more tangible “feel” when you reconnect to your physical body. 

When your mind decides to steer the ship 100% (especially in a creative setting) it’s a straight path stagnant workflow, ideas, and performance. Thinking and analyzing music into existence will NEVER yield extraordinary results.

You get the picture, GO FOR A WALK. Left foot, right foot.

In this study, they investigated the impact of a 4-day hike and complete disconnection from technology on a person’s creativity. They concluded that these people performed 50% better on creative problem-solving tasks! WUUT?


Many of us underestimate the power of choosing a different physical workspace. Different sounds, smells, and views help jazz up your focus. The interaction of different environmental sensory inputs can breathe new life into your creative output.

Think: The coffee shop down the street, or wherever you can in today’s current pandemic situation (that’s a whole other story).

You can also take the time to make some little changes to your main studio space. Rearrange items, organize the space, add mood-setting decorations, lighting… heck, create a vision board!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the huge impact tiny changes can have. (pssst… lava lamps)

Any new form of micro-sensation will have an influence on your creative thinking even if it’s imperceivable subtle. 

Beyond changing your physical environment you can also be mindful of your mental environment. I invite you to create an “inspiration bucket”, a place where you can keep all sorts of inspiring materials.

Even if it’s not directly related to music, follow what you find interesting and motivating and keep it close. A simple spark of inspiration will help stoke your creative fire.

Keeping your mind constantly fed with various forms of positive, uplifting, and inspiring materials is undoubtedly a game-changer. As many creative insights come from seemingly unrelated ideas

Time to navigate your own headspaces, my friend!


Pretend that your creativity was actually a physical muscle. To improve your creative “strength” you have to train it.

Challenge yourself to create every day.

Even if it’s a little. Once you commit and get into the habit of regularly taking the time to focus on your creative craft you’ll inevitably experience more musical breakthroughs.

Coincidence? I think not. 

Creativity is 10% talent and 90% work ethic. Most of us (including myself) seem to think that creativity and inspiration is an abstract elusive force that only crosses our paths in fleeting glimpses and full moons. 

And while that may very well be the case,

the muses of inspiration and genius grace themselves upon those who show up most consistently

Everyone is creative. We can all exercise it if we simply give ourselves the chance to try!

Top-level creatives are able to stick with an unsolved problem for longer. The very act of trying different ideas and overcoming the fear of “failure” is the fuel for creativity.

Creativity is an art of association, connection, and relationship. You can apply your discoveries from one creative field to any other type of creative activity. 

This highlights the importance of consistently learning new things.

Not only is it great for our well being. It opens up new neural pathways and bridges connections between different concepts and subjects you already know.

Who knew learning to plant a garden could potentially help you write guitar solos?

I hope this post helped inspire you to take some action to break your creative mold. Take a break, change up your studio, go for a stroll… and who knows what might happen next?

If you share to dream to create music full-time, you must do it from an internal place. You’ve got to do it for you. Your path to embody lasting change and transform your life must be self-focused and self-directed.

The magic is all in the process. The magic of harmonizing yourself. The magic of writing purposeful and impactful music. The magic to change your world.

This “magic” is what I would love to help you with.

If you’d like to learn more about the process, CLICK HERE to download your Workflow Wizardry PDF. It’s a simple 7 step blueprint to finish your music and share it with the world.

I believe music is a perfect path for your personal growth. For as you create new music, you are recreating yourself. 



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