Discover How To Transform Your Recordings Into Released Records With the Step By Step Mixing Process, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

Become an In-Demand Live Sound Tech

Are you struggling to make your live shows sound good?

As a sound-tech you have the privilege of dealing with such amazing opportunities as late musicians, screeching feedback at the venue, broken cables and stickiness. Just stickiness everywhere…

Although it might sound like a shitty gig, most of the time it’s the opposite. Live sound can be one of the most rewarding and entertaining audio career you can get into.

Whether you are just starting out as a live sound engineer, or you have tons of gigs under your belt, we all struggle with these similar issues.

So if you’re exhausted with feedback, lousy stage sound, and broken cables, then our live sound guides will help you survive the sound-check and succeed at the show.

Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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