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Hi. I’m Björgvin Benediktsson. I’m an audio engineer, musician and founder of Audio Issues. I’m an Alumni from the SAE Institute and have worked in the audio industry since 2006.

I’ve written over 1,000 articles and tutorials on audio production, both on Audio Issues and for other audio publications such as MusicTech magazine, Audiotuts+, The Pro Audio Files, Recording Revolution to name a few.

Additionally, I’ve taught classes on music production and audio engineering, teaching the technical side of recording and mixing in addition to hosting workshops on live sound.

Let me tell you, I had no clue what I was doing when I first started doing audio and music production.

I used to move the mic around aimlessly because I had no idea what I was looking for. And whenever I hit record I always ended up with a terrible sound. Whether I was recording a musician or a full band I was never secure with the best way to approach the recording session.

What’s more, I had no idea how all my equipment worked. I didn’t understand my audio interface or whether I was recording loud enough. I’ll tell you, even my DAW terrified me with all those different plug-ins and processors I needed to figure out.

It gets even worse.

Even when I tried to mix I had a hard time. I thought mixing was supposed to be fun and cool but I was just intimidated. All I was doing was randomly inserting plug-ins and processors on every track, shrugging my shoulders because I couldn’t really figure out how anything worked.

No matter what I did I couldn’t make it sound better. I mean, the songs changed, but I didn’t really know where I was going with the mix. There was no balance to the instruments and the vocals sounded glued on and fake.

It just screamed “amateur.”

The reason why was simple. I had no plan of action, and no concrete steps to make my mixes sound like I wanted.

Years later, after countless hours of recording and mixing, I know what I am doing. I know exactly where to point the mic. I get the most out of my equipment, and my DAW does everything I want it to.

And what’s even more important:

Mixing became fun. Using simple EQ and compression tricks, I got punchy drums and full and balanced instruments. I started using reverb and delay to create space and depth for that professional feel. And besides that, my vocals sounded better than ever as I started to recognize and eliminate problematic frequencies.

Now, I'm paying that forward by offering concrete recording and mixing advice you can use to improve your productions immediately.

What Do Other Engineers and Musicians Say About Their Audio Issues Experience?

I definitely enjoy getting my daily thought-provoker in terms of mixing, new ideas and fresh inspiration. You writing and sharing for free is a tremendous effort for the community.

Terry Finn

I just wanted to take the time and say how much I appreciate you doing these posts for the small guys like myself, who have a great vision in becoming successful one day in music. With your advice my projects are greatly increasing in quality.

Giovanni Major

Man, your writing is so direct and simply stated. It hits home hard with me every single time; the advice is so spot on. Thanks for writing and inspiring/helping others to be creative, too!

Chris Case

​So glad I’m on your mailing list. I hand off most of my music for mixing and mastering because I can’t be good at everything, but the more emails I read, the more I think about doing it all myself. Thanks and keep on keeping on!

Matt Kurke

I’ve always been heavily involved with music, playing in bands and analyzing what makes the songs I love so good.

I've also played in bands over half my life, gigging in both my native Iceland as well as doing a couple US tours from my adopted home town in Arizona. I've played so many gigs I even wrote a whole book about how to get more gigs you can find on Amazon.

I am an alumni from the Audio Engineering program at the SAE Institute where I graduated in 2009. During my studies I received hands-on training in all the aspects of audio engineering and music production, using high quality audio equipment to record and mix various projects and musicians.

Press and Interviews

​Audio Skills Podcast interviewed me about mixing drums. Take a listen below:

The Envato podcast interviewed me about my eBook, How to Record Great Music…With Whatever Equipment You Got!

Additionally, I’ve been a guest host on a few podcasts, like the Home Recording Show, Recording Studio Rockstars and the Toy Box Studio Podcast, always having a blast talking about audio and gear.

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