How to EQ with faders instead of plug-ins

Kick drum EQ

I was working on a drum track the other day. They were actually virtual drums but both kick and snare had multiple tracks that all had different characteristics. For instance, the kick had three tracks: A “body” track A “beater/snap” track A low “sub” track Having multiple tracks that all sound different is a very […]

6 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Sound Better When Recording Your Vocals

vocal recording

This is a guest post by Sheryl Alfaro. Learn more about how to sing at The Singer’s Corner and if you want to contribute a guest post check out the guidelines here. Have you tried recording your own singing voice in a studio? It usually doesn’t sound anything like you thought it would the first time you hear […]

What’s Cookin’?


I cooked dinner in my new kitchen for the first time last night. I’ve lived in my new house for about 3 weeks now but this is the first time I’ve made actual dinner, not just reheated leftovers or takeout from the fridge. And before you ask, no, I’m not actually a terrible cook that […]