[TIL at AES 9/12] How to make bleed work FOR you to create depth and space in your recordings

recording tips live bleed

Here’s another live recording tip from AES. When you’re recording everybody together in the room, you’re going to have bleed no matter what. So just to stop the negativity let’s call it blend instead. Sounds so much better already right? Well, when you have blend no matter what you can start focusing on what really matters. Which, […]

[TIL at AES 7/12] How you never need to record vocals with headphones ever again

mixing with headphones

Here’s one quick tip from AES this Monday morning. You know how some vocalists have a really hard time recording their vocals with headphones? They never seem to feel comfortable and they have pitch or phrasing issues, however well you create their headphone mix for them. Well you don’t need to record with headphones ever […]