The 5 Plug-in Mastering Chain For Engineers Who Don’t Really Master Their Mixes

Perception Plugin

The mastering process can be a little intimidating. The whole process, understanding the meters and what plug-ins to use. Presets can go a long way, especially if you’re working with powerful plug-ins, but it’s also great to actually know the “tricks of the trade” and what’s actually happening to your audio. I’ve gone into this […]

We. Really. Need. A. Bass. Player.

bass player needed

I was rehearsing with my band yesterday for a show tomorrow. It’s our “unofficial” EP release party. It’s unofficial because everything was kind of last minute and we didn’t have time to plan a big show. But since we got the CDs in hand we thought we’d make something special out of it. It’s kind […]

How to Get More Kick Out of the Kick Drum

kick drum miking subkick

This is a guest post by Niklas J. Blixt – The kick drum is one of the most important pieces of the modern drum kit, regardless of style. Today I’ll give away some of my best tips and tricks on how to make it sound great and how to record it to sound awesome. Get […]

Cut the Flab, Tone the Muscle

cut the flab tone the muscle

I started doing this thing called Daily Burn. It’s a workout app online where you can select different programs depending on how you like working out. They have cardio, kettle bells, yoga, bodyweight training. You name it. It’s actually pretty convenient. I hate going to the gym because it takes too much time so it’s a […]