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The 4 Best Website Builders For Musicians

There’s one thing that can be the difference between landing that gig or not. You can lose sync licensing placements without this thing. Potential production clients might run away if you don’t have this thing.

The thing? An official website for your music.

If you don’t have a website as a musician, you’re hurting your career. And that’s why I’d like to go over the best website builders for musicians.

Why You Need An Official Music Website

You need a website for your music — there’s no getting around it. Like I said, you could be losing so many opportunities if you don’t have one.

Here are seven reasons why you should have an official website.

It shows that you care

When you have an official music website, that shows people you’re actually trying. It shows you’re a professional and that music is important to you.

When people — fans and music industry folks — see that you have a good looking website for your music, they see you’re serious about succeeding.

You own it

When you have your own music website, you own it. You pay for the domain name, you control what shows up and what doesn’t, and you own a slice of the internet.

Contrast this with your social media profiles. Algorithms change. Platforms don’t show all of your content to all of your followers. There may be ads on these sites. They’re typically disorganized.

But with your own website, you control what people see and you can make sure it’s designed just the way you like. And if you can get people to visit your website, they won’t be distracted by other stuff.

Send your fans to one central hub

Everyone prefers a different social media platform. Some people love Twitter while others prefer to stick with Facebook. Some people only use Instagram and other people would rather just use Snapchat.

But if you have a central hub — your website — it doesn’t matter what platform your fans like. An Instagrammer, a Tweeter, a Facebooker, and a Snapchatter can enjoy your website equally.

This makes it easy to share news about your career. If you update your website on a regular basis, your fans will know they’ll get the most recent news there. And, as long as you put all your updates on your “News” page, they can see everything in one place.

Get found online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when your website is formatted and includes keywords and phrases that will help people easily find your website. The higher up your website appears in a Google search, the more visitors you’ll get.

You can get a high SEO score in a number of ways.

You can start a blog on your music website and optimize it with keywords. First, write a post about something that interests you, highlights music you’ve made, or shares news about your career. Then use SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and LSI Keyword Generator to find words and phrases you can naturally include in your post.

Also, add your keyword to the Image Title Attribute and Alternative Text boxes for each image on your website.

If you really want to get into SEO, I suggest reading this beginner’s guide.

Easily share your press kit

A press kit is a very important part of your music career, especially if you’ll be playing shows regularly or going on tour.

Press outlets, venue managers, and other industry professionals will need info about you, like your bio, the story behind your album, and previous press you’ve gotten.

And the best looking and easiest way to do that is with a music website. The website builders I’ll talk about below make it easy to set up a downloadable EPK.

Sell merch

Merchandise is the biggest source of income for a lot of musicians. And your website is the best place to show off what you’re selling.

The people who visit your website are probably your superfans, and your superfans are the ones who are most likely to wear your T-shirts, hats, and buttons.

And any good website builder will let you easily sell stuff online.

The Best Website Builders For Musicians

Alright, now that you know why you should have a music website, let’s go over the best website builders out there.

I’ve used all four of these in some way, and I can tell you they’re easy to use (I’m not a web designer) and they can give you a beautiful website.


I currently use Bandzoogle to house my music website and I love it. It’s drag-and-drop, no coding necessary. The templates look professional. And their free customer support is top-tier.

Plus, Bandzoogle is specifically for musicians and was started by a musician, Chris Vinson.

One example of how that plays out is the merch store — Bandzoogle takes 0% in commission. So you can sell a $15 T-shirt and earn $15 from that. There’s no middle-man taking their cut.

It costs as low as $8.29/month if billed annually or $9.95 if billed monthly. And that comes with a free domain.


Squarespace’s brand is “the cool one” because, well, it’s pretty cool. Their designs are sleek. It’s easy to set up your website. And it has features specifically for musicians (as well as other creative people).

Their plans are a bit pricier, with the cheapest being $12 a month. But that does come with a free domain, 24/7 customer support, and basic website stats.

And although it’s very simple (you don’t need to know any coding), it may not be as simple as some other website builders, like Bandzoogle or Wix.


If you’ve never put together a website, Wix might be the most welcoming option out there. Although I’m a huge Bandzoogle fan, Wix is also a great option if you want a very specific design and layout.

You drag and drop the different features and widgets wherever you want on the page. Because of this, the assembling part of the process can get a little glitchy and slow.

The cheapest plan is $13 a month and that comes with a free domain and no Wix ads. Although if you want to sell merch or concert tickets online (0% commission!), you’ll need the $23-a-month eCommerce plan.


Yes, WordPress is built for bloggers. But it works just fine for musicians too. The free templates don’t have drag-and-drop functionality, but you also don’t need to know how to code.

WordPress is by far the most affordable at just $4 a month for a personal site. Now, you won’t be able to set up an online merch store unless you have the more expensive plans, but you can create a makeshift one using images and PayPal “Buy” buttons.

If you’re looking for something affordable but still professional, WordPress is a good option.

What website builder do you use? Tell us what you like/dislike about it in the comments.

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Caleb J. Murphy is a singer-songwriter and music producer based in Austin, Tx., and the founder of Musician With A Day Job, a blog that helps part-time musicians succeed.


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