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47 things you can do right now to produce better vocals [Free Checklist]

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Yesterday, Audio Issues contributor Ed Elefterion talked about writing memorable melodies as the starting point of crafting a catchy song.

Today, I wanted to jump ahead and start thinking about all the best strategies for making sure that melody transforms into a production that blows people away.

The vocals are the most important part of the song so it’s crucial to make sure they jump out of the speakers. Many of my students complain about their vocals sounding muddy like they’re a boomy lump stuck on top of the instruments.

Other students complain about harshness or sibilance, where their vocal sound hurts their ears if they crank up the volume too much.

And then there’s general thin-ness, where the vocals sound feel like a stick figure stuck into a professionally drawn comic book.

If you’re like most of my students, your mixes may suffer from these problems.

That’s why I put together a comprehensive, FREE checklist to follow whenever you’re producing vocals.

I like to break down the vocal production process into five distinct categories.

Your Vocal Production Checklist shows you those categories and tells you what to do each step of the way.

I’ll break that five-step process down even further tomorrow, but in the meantime, click the link below to download your Vocal Production Checklist.

Download Your Vocal Production Checklist Here.


Keep an eye on the blog tomorrow for more juicy info on making your vocals sound more pro, even if you have budget equipment and a home studio.

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Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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