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How To Get Radio-Ready Vocals Without a Pro Studio

There are five stages to a professional sounding vocal.

It’s not all about the microphone or your gear. Or even your acoustic treatment.

It’s not even only about your singer.

Unfortunately, even a bad singer can be…*gulp*…”fixed.”

But there’s no autotune for a poor vocal melody or arrangement.

There’s no Auto-Make-My-Songwriting-Better plug-in.

Five Stage Vocal Production Process

To get a professional vocal sound, you gotta put all stages of the vocal production together:

  1. Pre-Production – Where you focus on making the melody, lyrics, rhythm, and arrangement the best it can be.
  2. Pre-Recording – Where you focus on the room, the vibe, the signal flow, and the health of the singer. Discomfort during this phase will kill your session.
  3. Recording – Where you focus on the headphone mix, the mic technique, and the overall performance for every single vocal part (leads and harmonies).
  4. Editing – Where you…hey, where’d you go? Come back here. You can’t make pro vocals unless you spend time editing them. This means tweaking them for tightness and tuning and eliminating background noise.
  5. Mixing – This is where you bring the vocal together with the rest of the tracks. Where you use EQ, compression and effects to make your lush vocal sound leap out of your speakers without sounding like it’s stuck on top of the rest of the mix.

Of these five phases of vocal production, which one do you have the hardest time with?

If improving your vocal sound in your home studio is important to you…and you lack the confidence to know exactly what you should be doing throughout each of the previous five steps, then you’ll want to check out my Expert Home Vocals course.

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Expert Home Vocals

Expert Home Vocals combines everything I’ve learned in the last decade about vocals. It helps you bypass the mistakes I made so that you can get professional sounding vocals from your home studio in no time. The course will show you the exact process you need to follow to get commercial quality vocals from your project studio.

  • Detailed Course: Your step-by-step workflow for producing, recording, editing, and mixing professional vocals from your home studio, with easy to use techniques and detailed supporting images. The new Expert Home Vocals eBook includes over 100 pages of in-depth training covering every element of producing vocals to a professional standard at home, from start to finish.
  • Video Package: Concise and to-the-point videos with practical techniques and quick tips on getting an expert vocal sound even if you don’t have expert-level equipment.
  • Bonus: Vocal Effects Video Masterclass – Top 10 Vocal Processing Techniques for Pro Vocals, Whatever Genre You’re Working In
  • Bonus PDF Guide: Vocal Microphone Buyer’s Guide – How to Find the Right Vocal Recording Microphone if You’re on a Budget.
  • All backed by my 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’ve been struggling with producing vocals that jump out of your speakers instead of sitting buried under the instruments or – worse yet – badly glued on top of the mix, then Expert Home Vocals will help you out. You can be secure in knowing that whenever you need to record, edit, or mix vocals you’ll know exactly what to do every time, giving you professional quality vocals even if you don’t have high-end equipment or a fancy studio.

Here’s what Pat, a professional engineer and studio owner working in Massachusetts, got out of Expert Home Vocals:

“[Expert Home Vocals] added clearer information on gain staging, especially when using plug-ins, added more information on signal processing and in general added more explanations of possibilities to use plug-ins in different situations, such as recording group vocals, harmonies, and micing…What surprised me most was the amount of precise information included, as well as very helpful examples of using what is explained. Björgvin does an excellent job of explaining concepts, and uses “real world” situations to convey concepts. A well thought-out and planned resource!”

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Expert Home Vocals does not require a huge time commitment but it will 100% improve the quality of your vocal productions.

All you need are a couple hours to go through the materials and you’ll instantly have the step-by-step process you need to produce pro vocals.

If you’re booked with sessions or busy in the studio, you should still grab the discounted package because who knows when I’ll offer it at this price again. You can read it during breaks to make your current music even more polished, and every session after that as well!

Even if you’re going to read it at a later date, you’ll always have my concise, easy to read, practical guide to reference whenever you have a vocal session that needs that extra 10% to sound the best it can be.

Here’s where you go to start making your vocals pop!

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