About Ole

Ole is a Berlin-based mastering and mixing engineer, who occasionally does composing and review services, and has been involved in the world of music since 2007.

The Basic Triangle of Mastering – A Head Start

You’ve probably mixed a few songs already. Have you tried mastering your songs as well yet? In case you’re still struggling to get your head around mastering, this article might just give you the head start you need. When it comes to mastering, my approach starts with what I call “the triangle of mastering“: Levels...

The EQ-Body-Map: Feeling The Frequency Spectrum

Have you ever read the advice “Use your ears?” Probably. Also, you might have often asked yourself while mixing and mastering, “am I doing this, right?” Well, some articles say, “If it sounds right, it is right.” Still, you would not necessarily know what those pieces of advice mean, right? I am a mastering engineer...