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Cubase Users – Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Cubase

Happy Friday,

I wanted to let you know that my good friend Chris Selim from Mixdown Online just came out with his brand-new course that teaches you to master the Cubase audio software.

It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Cubase and you can get it for 45% off right now.

If you’re a Cubase user who’s frustrated with figuring out the software when all you want to do is produce more music, then The Ultimate Guide to Cubase is for you.

Chris Selim has been using Cubase for 15 years and he’s mastered every single part of the program so you can bypass the learning curve and go straight to making more music.

Chris is a master Youtuber and an excellent teacher, and this combination is what makes The Ultimate Guide to Cubase so enjoyable.

Plus, he’s just an all-around awesome guy to hang out with. Here we are at NAMM with Lij Shaw.

Fun Fact: I’m the only one wearing long sleeve pants and Lij is barefoot…Also, I gotta work on my beard game…And I need my own branded shirt. I’m really businessing badly guys :/

Check out his video announcement below and then read on for a cool free bonus you can get today!

Free Bonus: Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing with Stock Plug-ins

If you buy through my affiliate link in this post and send me your receipt, I’ll also send you a free additional bonus: Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing With Stock Plug-ins ($59 Retail Price)

Quick Mixing is a two-hour crash course in transforming your home studio demos into pro, radio-ready mixes.

Your Quick Mixing Package includes:

  • The Quick Mixing video course that teaches you to transform a rough recording into a finished mix in only two hours, using only stock plug-ins.
  • In the Quick Mastering we take the mix we did in Quick Mixing and we add some mastering processors to the master bus to get it radio-ready and competitive while staying dynamic.
  • In the Quick Editing and Comping video, you’ll learn to make your tracks ready for mixing with simple and easy to use editing and comping techniques that make your recordings tighter and easier to mix.
  • Mix Template Video – Along with the Productivity Playbook, you’ll learn to create a mixing template that takes all the guesswork out of mixing, helping you make more musical decisions while you mix..
  • Plus: 110 Mixing Tips from the Quick Mixing Checklist you can follow when you’re stuck and don’t know how to make your mixes better.

Get your Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing video bundle now for free when you grab Chris’s Ultimate Guide to Cubase course.

This exclusive Quick Mixing offer ENDS on Sunday so if you’re a Cubase user that also wants to learn more about mixing, mastering and editing, you must act now to get your freebie.

Here’s the link again.

Remember to email me your receipt so I can send you the Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing course as well.

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