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Having a Hard Time Producing Drums?

Happy Wednesday!

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.A and to celebrate I decided to jump on a plane and head to Japan to completely bypass this whole turkey business.

In fact, I’m planning on being very Zen here in Kyoto today instead.

If you’re looking for some Zen calm and mastery over your drum recordings and production, I wanted to tell you about my master sensei Lij Shaw’s new course, Rockstars of Drums. (Honestly, go click that link and check out the page. Just the sales page alone has a ton of valuable videos that will help your drum sound!)

He spent a full day in the studio where he taught a full class on producing, recording and mixing drums. Now he’s taken that entire day of video and curated it into a killer course of taking your drum sounds to the next level.

He’s also offering a BUNCH of bonuses this week to celebrate. Here’s what you get:

  • You get the fully remixed, edited, and mastered Rockstars Of Drums 2.0 with over 6 hours of teaching. ($97 value)
    • Learn how to record, edit, and mix drums for a pro sound in your studio.
    • Learn tips on tuning and prepping your house kit for the best sound from Nashville session drummer Mike Radovsky.
    • Learn multiple miking, editing, tightening, and drum mixing techniques to help you get the best sound possible.
    • This course is PACKED with great value. Click here to learn more (and make sure to watch the killer trailer video too!)

Black Friday Bonuses:

  • The webinar replay of Rockstars Of Mixing with Josh Harris. This includes over 6 hours of teaching. ($97 value)
    • You get the ADVANCED MIXING CLINIC where Josh walks you through his pop mix and shows you every detail of how he gets an “in your face” drum and vocal mix. Learn all sorts of cool mixing tricks from a seasoned pro.
    • You also get the MIX REVIEW REPLAY where they break down sample mixes from the Rockstars and give detailed feedback on how and where each one could be improved if needed.
    • And you get the full Q&A MIX SESSION where Josh and Lij go through two hours of questions with in-depth answers and solutions for your most common mixing problems.
  • In addition, he’s also throwing in his newly remastered album, Skadoosh! ($27 value)
    • You will get the 24bit 48kHz wav files for the podcast theme song and album for Recording Studio Rockstars.
    • Plus you get Lij’s complete ROCKSTARS OF MASTERING course where you learn his full mastering process for the album using Presonus Studio One.
    • You will learn the EQ, Compression, Limiting, and Saturation techniques that you can use to start mastering your own music in any DAW.

Plus, for anybody who buys in the next 24 hours only, you’ll get my Drum Mix Toolkit for free ($49), and 10% off your entire order by using the coupon discount that ended yesterday but I managed to persuade him to give me a special code just for you guys.

That’s $270 in value you’re getting for 67% off!

But hurry, the discount code (audioissues10) and my Drum Mix Toolkit offer ends tomorrow so make sure you grab his Rockstars of Drums course now.

Click this link to check it out.

Have a great rest of your day,



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