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Enough with the subtractive EQ already!

What’s with the subtractive EQ all the time?

I better way to use EQ. You do add more potential phase issues when you’re boosting than when you’re cutting.

But so what?

If the kick drum needs a 10 dB boost at 3 kHz and it sounds good well then that’s the fracking way you’re gonna do it aren’t you?

You know what’s gonna happen when you don’t?

Somebody is going to complain that they can’t hear the beater of the kick drum and you’re gonna have to go do it anyway!

Sure, doing subtractive EQ can give you similar results.

You just cut more of the mids and lows to create that perceived boost in high mids (we’re still on the 3 kHz boost in the kick drum btw, try to pay attention…) but it’s simply not as much fun!

What’s fun is using all your tools to the extreme.

See how crazy you can crank an EQ just for the hell of it.

Life’s too short not to have fun.

Or maybe I’m worried about getting old…

Who knows.

But next time, just for the hell of it, crank that EQ up and make your mixes jump out of your speakers!

And if you want me to show you where those sweet sounding frequencies are, I’ve got it all inside EQ Strategies – The Ultimate Guide to EQ:

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