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5 Reasons Insiders is NOT for you

What if you could stop worrying about whether your mixes were any good…and start proudly releasing professional-sounding records…every time you sat down to create a song?

That’s exactly what I promise to help you achieve when you become an Insider.

But…it’s not for everyone.

Insiders is NOT for you if:

  1. You have a fixed scarcity mindset that keeps you locked in a mental prison where you think “this is as good as it gets. I’ll never amount to anything better” (seriously, I can’t STAND people like this, if this is you please don’t join).
  2. You’re not willing to make time to learn. Everybody has the same amount of time in the day. Those who become successful know how to make that time count.
  3. You’re not willing to put in the work to improve your skills, ask questions to get better, and interact with people who can give you a new perspective on your music.
  4. You can’t take constructive feedback from your peers to help you improve your music.
  5. You’re a troll or a hater that likes being negative for no reason. Seriously, there is no amount of money that will allow you to become an Insider if you’re going to be an asshole.

However, if you’re willing to set high standards for yourself and work toward achieving your goals, Insiders might be the perfect place for you to grow.

If you’ve tried to go it alone but your self-doubt and imposter syndrome keep you from finishing your work…

If you want to stop tweaking and over-analyzing every single mix move that paralyzes you and holds you back from finishing your work…

If you’re ready to take the final step in the production process and finally release your songs to be heard by the world…

And you’re focused on the long-term success of your music – and you want to encourage and support like-minded musicians to succeed in the same way, then you’ll find a place with us as an Insider.

The membership closes tomorrow night so make sure you join now so you don’t get left out.

There are a lot of different people from all walks of life inside the community, driven by the same singular purpose of releasing great music.

Like Calder and Finn, who were among some of the people who joined yesterday:

Or other Insiders who have already made progress releasing their music, like some of my regular record-releasers:

Bob Gardner, working on rock music for sync licensing in Ohio

“Audio Insiders has fast-tracked my growth as a mixer and producer. I love the sense of community around Feedback Friday. It’s inspiring to–metaphorically speaking–rub shoulders with like-minded people and learn from one another. I personally love Audio Issues Insiders.”

Konstantin, working on dub-style saxophone soundtracks in Berlin

“I joined Insiders because I needed help. And I needed something to start with that wasn’t too costly, your offer seemed exactly the appropriate setting for me and it proved to be a really good decision. Audio Issues Insiders has given me more confidence in mixing and encouragement to challenge marketing. Honestly for the price its awsome!! I guess I’d have to hug you first once I get to meet you in person;-)”

Bob Gemmell, working on alt-country in California

“I’ve been very impressed by Bjorgvin’s tutorials, and he’s a great person. Bjorgvin’s webinars are informative and engaging, and he’s responsive to questions. The live and recorded sessions where Bjorgvin imparts mixing and promotion information is my favorite part of Insiders. I also like the Audio Issues Insiders community. A lot of talent in here. “

Nic Hamilton, working on ’70s-style punk rock in the U.K.

“Audio Issues Insiders gave me much greater confidence in my mixes leading me to several songs that are now release-ready (after several years of dithering and never finishing a mix). Björgvin’s methods of teaching/sharing information but also the friendly community amongst other Audio Issue Insiders. Finding like-minded folk has been a great inspiration.”

I regularly refer to these Insider members because they’re doing the work and getting results, over and over again. They’re a prime example of what you can achieve on the inside.

So if you can relate to any of these members, and want to get a friendly push to get results with your music, give Insiders a spin for a month.

If you haven’t found a sense of community, education to help you improve your skills and a place to grow as a musician and producer, you can easily cancel your membership, no questions asked.

The flip side is that you do nothing and in 30 days you’ll be exactly where you’re at now.

If you want to stay stagnant, great. There’s nothing I can say to persuade you.

Or maybe you think you don’t need help. That’s not really how I view the continuous improvement, but all the power to you.

However, trying out Insiders for a month is a small price to pay for the possibility of taking your music to the next level, don’t you think?

Check out the details on how to level up your music as an Insider right here.

See you on the inside,



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Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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