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A quick ‘n’ easy way to write more songs this year

If you’re looking for an easy way to come up with more hit songs, here’s a trick I learned from Seth Mosley at the Hit Song Formula workshop this week.

In case you’re just joining us this week, we’re talking about songwriting and I teamed up with Seth Mosley to help you out.

Seth is a two-time Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer with 25 #1 hit songs under his belt. One of the things we tackled during our workshop earlier this week was an easy way to come up with new melodies.

If you’re struggling to create new melodies because you find it hard to sing without singing lyrics, here’s the trick:

Use other people’s lyrics to get you started!

Seth showed us how easy this was to do by using Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer,” the hit song that nobody can finish at karaoke because it goes up a step at the end and you get screwed out of your vocal range. #JustMe

Seth turned it into a ballad that was completely unrecognizable from the original. All he did was change the chords into a minor chord progression, and as he hummed the lyrics an entirely new song was born. Obviously this was only for demonstration purposes but it was quite impressive how he could come up with memorable melodies on the spot without much effort!

This is a technique that you can easily use to get yourself out of a songwriting rut.

I do something similar with chord progressions.

There’s no reason to try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to chord progressions. Hit songwriters work within a familiar structure because it’s a structure that works. By combining these two techniques you can easily come up with new songs. You borrow the lyrics from one song and the chord progression from another to come up with something completely new.

Then you discard the lyrics and write your own and voilá! A brand-new original you can put in your catalog!

Although it sounds simple, it’s not always easy to keep the momentum going. That’s why I’m happy to share Seth’s brand-new masterclass, Song Chasers.

Song Chasers is a premium songwriting masterclass that teaches you everything you need to know about writing hit songs.

Take a look at Seth’s video about Song Chasers here.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Inspiration & Mindset Module
  • The Song Idea Generation Module
  • The Melody Mastery Module
  • The Lyric Mastery Module
  • The Finishing A Complete Song Module
  • The Cowriting Module
  • The Demo Music Production Module
  • The Music Publishing Module
  • The Advice For Specific Genres Module
  • Over 12 Course Downloadable Projects & PDFs
  • The Hit Song Formula Training Bonus
  • The Music Sales Strategies Bonus
  • Our Songwriting Case Study Library Bonus
  • The Song Starter 12 Month Challenge Bonus
  • A Free 1-Year Membership To Our Song Canvas Platform
  • Ongoing Support From Our Team For Any Of Your Songwriting Questions

Plus: Get a free year of Audio Issues Insiders this week only (Over $1,000 value)

I don’t want you just to learn the art of writing a hit song because. I also want you to start feeling successful with your music.

That’s why I’m offering a FULL YEAR of Audio Issues Insiders to anyone who joins Song Chasers this week.

I don’t want you just to write and record more songs if they just end up being demos on your computer. My mission is to help you confidently finish your mixes so you can be proud to release and promote your songs.

That’s what you’ll get from Audio Issues Insiders:

  • The Mix Finisher Formula Video Course that helps you confidently finish your mixes($99 Value)
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And best of all, you’ll have a supportive community that encourages you and helps you keep going, even when you’re not sure whether your music is any good.

So if you’d like to learn how to write hit songs and break into the industry with your songwriting, in addition to learning how to confidently finish your mixes so you can be proud to showcase your songs, grab Song Chasers today by clicking this link.

Then just send me your receipt to and I will hook you up with a free year of Audio Issues Insiders.

Looking forward to hearing your new songs!


Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE Mix Finisher Cheatsheet

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