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Diving Outside Your Comfort Zone (And a VERY Important Announcement)

This past Wednesday I tore a hole in my comfort zone and squeezed through it.

It was like Jack Nicholson “Heeeeere’s Johnny!” mixed with the unimaginable pain of giving birth to bowling ball.

I stood on stage in front of a room full of strangers and performed standup comedy for the very first time.

It was standup because I was up there standing up.

It was comedy because they thought I was a joke.

I’m very familiar with the stage, having performed music too many times to count. But sharing stories with the instant justification of laughter is a completely different terrifying beast.

I didn’t have my acoustic guitar as a safety blanket nor well rehearsed songs to sing.

I just had four minutes of funny stories about being Icelandic in America.

I’ve always wanted to lose my virginity on stage to a room full of strangers so I can definitely check that off my bucket list.

But as nerve-wracking as the entire experience was, I’m glad I did it. I took a step outside of my comfort zone and now have a new experience to show for it.

So let this email be an encouragement to you. If there’s something you’ve been scared of doing because it’s too uncomfortable, let me assure you that you’ll be GLAD you did it.

You’ll always regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

Unless you murder somebody. Don’t do that. If you’ve been too scared to murder someone, don’t let this email encourage you to do that…

Ok, back to inspiration.

I’ll just let Marc Maron’s words end it for me:

“You just have to do it. There’s no schooling; there’s no anything. Find a place where you can get on stage and do it.”

Whether you need a stage to get out of your comfort zone or not, it’s irrelevant. You just have to step outside your comfort zone and see how it feels.

I bet it’ll feel fine.

Have a great weekend,



Next week is my birthday and I’ll be celebrating like a cowgirl at the rodeo so make sure you keep an eye out for Monday’s announcement.

It’ll be YUUUUGE!

See you then.

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