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“I don’t always mic the hi-hat, but when I do, I mute it in the mix.”

I’ve been talking with a lot of you inside the Facebook community lately and we’ve been riffing on some nerdy audio puns to put on a t-shirt.

Currently, the phrase people liked the most is:

“I don’t always mic the hi-hat, but when I do, I mute it in the mix.”

I thought that was pretty funny, and because I’ve got a perfect picture of my avatar in front of a drum-kit, I made a quick t-shirt mockup to see how it looks.

Here’s an example in royal blue:

What do you think?

Do you want one of these brand new Audio Issues t-shirts?

Here are some of the color choices I’m putting together.

These are Next Level shirts, which mean that they are really comfortable to wear. I follow my own advice when it comes to creating merchandise, something I wrote about in my Get More Gigs book,

My only recommendation for buying t-shirts is to buy t-shirts you actually want to wear personally. You know those hard cotton t-shirts they give away at events? Those suck. They’re uncomfortable, the neckline is all bulky and ugly and they shrink immediately. It’s the cheapest type of t-shirt and the worst way to promote your band. I love Next Level tri-blend shirts because they’re super soft and really comfortable…If you put half as much thought into your merchandise as you do your songs and don’t try to get the cheapest option wherever available, you’ll project an image of professionalism across the board.”

I’m in the process of putting together an online store where I’ll make them available in multiple colors and sizes, but I want to make sure you’e actually interested before I spend more time on it.

That’s why I’m taking 10 pre-orders this week to see if you’re interested in Audio Issues apparel. Once I sell 10 shirts I’ll make an online store and personally ship whatever size and color you want. If I don’t get 10 orders I’ll simply refund the money and get back to writing.

So…if you want to be the first one to own an Audio Issues shirt (even before myself!) then click here to get your own. 

Note: Pre-orders are not available anymore.

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