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Four Levels of Mixing: From Amateur to Audio Educator

I’m hooked on this cooking show on Youtube called Four Levels of Food: From Amateur to Food Scientist.

It’s where they get three levels of chefs together to cook the same meal and then they get graded by a food scientist at the end.

The first level chef is usually a complete novice.

Out of all the Level 1 Chefs, Emily is my favorite.

She is lovably incompetent in the kitchen, and explicitly tells you she has no idea what she’s doing.

And on the opposite side of the spectrum, you have a professional culinary master who’s worked in kitchens or taught culinary arts for decades.

The person in the middle is, unsurprisingly, somewhere in between.

You would think that the culinary master would make the best food each time, but in fact, it’s the chef in the middle that often has the best ideas.

The novice is simply too clueless to know any better.

The master overcomplicates things for no good reason.

The amateur in the middle always experiments with new things and has fun.

The amateur knows the rules well enough to bend them, yet they’re not indoctrinated and institutionalized with “how things are done around here.”

It’s a great place to be, and a place where you might be mixing in your home studio.

If not, it’s the place I help you get to with the Step By Step Mixing System.

It teaches you all the fundamentals of mixing, using the most important plug-ins you need to get great mixes.

The same plug-ins all the pros use…

But you’ll never hear me say that “this is the way you should do it!” because there are simply too many variables for there to be one way to mix a song.

There is crucial knowledge to learn, certainly.

But you can use that knowledge in unlimited ways to get a mix you’re proud of.

So if you’d like to learn everything you need to get a professional mix from your home studio, while remaining a curious amateur who’s willing to experiment with the rules, head on over and grab the Step By Step Mixing System right here.

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