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Fwd: Message from Joey the home studio engineer

Hey guys,

It’s me, Joey. I’m Björgvin’s fictional engineer he likes to put silly captions to.

Like this one:


I allow it because it’s lonely to be stuck in a folder on his hard drive. It’s so much more fun to be posted on Facebook where I can annoy the trolls and haters with their stupid comments.

People can be such angry elves online!

Not me. I’m just chillin’ with my new cool toy.

What toy you ask?

toolkitWell, it’s the that Björgvin just released on Audio Issues.

It’s a really incredible collection of tips, techniques, and tools I’ve been using to make my drum sounds better.

I don’t have a home studio per say, but everything is pretty square when you live in the digital world of ones and zeros.

Ever since he posted me on the internet I’ve been seeing a lot of people run to his store to grab their very own Drum Mix Toolkit.

Like Björgvin says,

“it’s selling like hot lummur!!!.”

Lummur being some weird Icelandic version of a flapjack or something. I dunno. He says weird shit like that all the time.

But anyhoo, I gotta get back to it. I’ve got a bunch of things to fix on this new punk song I’m working on.

rocker_MadThese punks thought they could get a good drum recording in their rehearsal space with NO acoustic treatment and cheap-ass microphones!

Looks like I’ll be doing some deep diving into fixing some filthy frequencies with my EQs set to stun…

Not to mention that my drum replacement plug-in and my transient designers will be working overtime on this one!

If you deal with these problems too I highly recommend grabbing the Drum Mix Toolkit before Björgvin swipes away the discount tonight.

It’s stupid value for money. I told him to make it more expensive but he wouldn’t listen. Something about making sure “everybody could afford it” or some such European socialist crap…

Here’s where I got mine:

Have you got yours?



introductory40% Discountends thursday


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