Free Guide To Help You Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Without Buying New Plug-ins or Gear
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Give Me Six Weeks And You’ll Never Doubt Your Mixing Skills Again

This week we’re pushing the doors open to EVERYONE who wants to skyrocket their mixing skills.

The Mix Finisher Formula is only open for a few more days and that’ll be the last chance for you to join our flagship program this year.

It’s designed to help you make radio-ready mixes, without buying more plug-ins, wasting money on an expensive mixing engineer, or spending hours hunting for random tricks on Youtube.

And because it’s Black Friday, I’d rather you spend money on making the most of your mixing skills instead of buying another shiny toy plug-in, which is why Mix Finisher Formula is 50% off this week only.

There’s no coupon code needed. Just scroll down the page here and enroll and your discount will be automatically applied.

I wanted to show you everything you get inside the Mix Finisher Formula to prove to you why it’s the only program you need to create release-ready records.

Module #1 – Your Pre-Mixing Mindset

As soon as you enroll you’ll get access to the first module where you learn:

  • What to keep in mind as you get closer to the mixing stage
  • When to know that your production is ready for mixing
  • What to do before you start mixing.

Inside module #1 You’ll Discover:

  • The crucial questions you need to know before you even start mixing
  • The simple production process Anna Kendrick can teach you about creating a powerful hit song
  • The secret to speeding up your mixing process so that you can get creative immediately
  • Why focusing on the most consistent instrument to edit to is your best bet instead of pulling everything to the click
  • How to quickly edit your drums and bass together to both conserve the groove while keeping the time

Many audio educators sell their production and editing courses separately.

I include this module as a crucial part of Mix Finisher Formula because I know how important the production, arrangement, and editing process is to a great mix.

Module #2: Make Faster Mixes With an Efficient Mix Template

In week two you’ll learn how to set up and create a mix template that works for you and your productions.

I’ll walk you through mine and give you ideas on why and how to use one to get better mixes in less time.

This module not only shows you how to save time with a template, but I also give you a bunch of tips and tricks on what settings I use on my plugins in my template and why they’re there.

Here’s What the Mix Template Formula Will Teach You

  • How a mix template can shave hours off your mixing time so you can get better mixes in less time
  • Exactly what plug-ins you should be using on your mix bus to get a good rough mix immediately
  • How to get great drum mixes in no time with just a few plug-ins and a simple process
  • The quickest way to get a great rough mix without wasting time  browsing your plug-ins folder
  • How to set up your instrument and vocal mixing template to easily make your instruments stand out
  • What effects busses you should create in your template so you can easily create punch through parallel compression, width through stereo widening, and depth with reverb and delay
  • What professional mixing engineers don’t tell you about parallel processing to create powerful mixes
  • See exactly how to group and buss your instruments for a faster workflow
  • Learn the exact EQ filters that are in place for every instrument for instant low-mid cleanup without you needing to waste time EQ’ing the low-end every time

Module #3: Get All Watts on Your Mixes With the Mix Finisher Philosophy

Although we won’t be diving deep into the collective unconscious and wax lyrical about Ginsberg, Watts, and Socrates, we will discuss some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to approaching your mixes.

In week three you’ll learn everything you need to know about prepping your session and getting started with your mix.

Here’s What the Mix Finisher Philosophy will Teach You

  • How to prepare your mix so that you start off on the right track (no pun intended)
  • The simple naming structure for your tracks so that you can speed through a giant session
  • The subtle difference between phase and polarity
  • The hidden danger that can make your tracks thin and weak
  • Your gain-staging gameplan so you don’t accidentally overcook your mix
  • The three simple approaches to starting your mix depending on your style
  • How to get a rough static mix with NO plug-ins

Module #4 – The 5 Plug-in Framework

Week 4 is MASSIVE! The 5 Plug-in Framework is my brand-new and expanded training module based on my flagship course, Mixing With 5 Plug-ins.

Those are the plug-ins that every professional engineer uses to get those great mixes that you hear on the radio.

If you want to create professional mixes that are good enough to charge for, you MUST know how to use these processors.

  • Learn to separate your instruments with EQ
  • Discover how to hear compression and use it effectively
  • Make it easy to add space and depth with reverb and delay
  • Add warmth, thickness, and that special secret sauce with saturation

With a total of 26 videos in this module alone, you’ll learn everything you need to know about EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and saturation.

There’s simply too much stuff in the 5 Plug-in Framework to put in an email, but you can check out all the details here.

Module #5 – Mix Translation Formula

In module five, once you’ve set up your mix template, prepped your mix, and learned the five plug-in framework, you’ll follow my step by step mixing workflow to transform your rough recordings into professionally produced records.

You’ll also learn to use reference tracks and get my formula for making your mixes translate to every speaker system.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The step by step mixing workflow you can follow on every mix without getting overwhelmed
  • Three ways to use reference tracks to get your mixes sounding like professional records
  • How to check your mixes on multiple systems and what to look out for so that they translate everywhere. I walk you through my 7-step process of checking your final mix on different monitoring systems and speakers so they sound the same on every speaker
  • How to fix mix translation issues when your mix sounds like it has a blanket over it.
  • How to make your mixes sound exciting without excessive tweaks.
  • What to think about when you can only mix on headphones.

And how to know when to quit and call your mix FINISHED!

Ok, you might be asking…

“How will this help if I don’t have any songs to work on?”

Hey! That’s A-OK Hombre!

You can choose your own adventure throughout the course!

At the start of the course you can choose between:

  • Your own song you already have. Remember that Mix Finisher Formula will help you no matter what genre you’re working in.
  • A singer-songwriter pop song (Easy difficulty)
  • An alternative rock song (Intermediate difficulty)
  • A hip-hop/rap production (Intermediate difficulty)
  • A Bossanova jazz song (this one is my favorite and the most Advanced)

You can download the multi-tracks to any of these songs to work with throughout the course.

And then…

At the end of the course…

You’ll get access to the Mix Walkthrough Vault!

Bonus Module – The Mix Walkthrough Vault!

In week six we’ll finish up the course with the Mix Walkthrough Vault.

I show you tips and tricks throughout the course using multiple different genres from rap, rock, and R’n’B to folk, and jazz.

But you’ll also get access to the Mix Walkthrough Vault where I walk you through five real-world mixes, showing you exactly what plug-ins I used to get to a finished record.

You’ll get access to the walkthroughs of the songs you can choose at the beginning of the course

  • Video #3 – Singer/Songwriter Pop Mix Walkthrough
  • Video #1 – Alternative Rock Mix Walkthrough
  • Video #3 – Bossanova Jazz Mix Walkthrough

But you’ll also. get access to two BONUS Mix Walkthroughs!

  • Bonus Walkthrough #1 – Folk Mix Walkthrough
  • Bonus Walkthrough #2 – Country Blues Mix Walkthrough

PLUS: You’ll get my mastered mixes to use as reference tracks to beat!

That way, if you can make your mixes sound like my mixes, you know that they’re good enough to release!

Mix Finisher Formula is for you if:

  • You’re ready to finally create mixes that stand up to the professional releases you hear on the radio or streaming services.
  • You want to stop tweaking your mixes and start following a mixing system that helps you confidently create great mixes using the five most important processors every professional engineer uses to get great results.
  • You want to finish the music you make in your home studio or start getting more clients to hire you to mix their own songs.
  • You want to confidently charge for your mixing services because you know your skills are good enough to stand up to the professional releases your clients are comparing their songs to.

Simply put, if you’re ready to master your mixing skills so you can confidently release your recordings, Mix Finisher Formula is for you.

The 50% off discount ends on Friday so make sure you enroll today to make the most of the next six weeks!


Free Guide To Help You Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Without Buying New Plug-ins or Gear
What email should we send your cheatsheet to?

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