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How Much Does “FREE” Really Cost?

American citizenship costs one million dollars.

Or you can get it like me, with ten years, only thousands of dollars, very special circumstances, and a LOT of paperwork.

Do you know what a new body costs?

Liposuction will run you $3,000+


You can get there in three months with a good diet and regular exercise. Plus $591 if you can’t do it on your own and want to hire a personal trainer.

Things will always cost you TIME or MONEY.

You either pay with cash or your pay with effort.

Or a combination of both.

There are no shortcuts.

If you always want things for free and won’t pay to invest in yourself, you’re ultimately paying with your time.

The best way to learn something is to figure out what problem you want to solve, find someone who’s already solved it, and then hire them to tell you how they did it.

It’s simple, but as soon as you see a price tag you run the other way.

And you keep running so fast for so long that when you finally stop you’re so far away from where you should be it takes even longer to get back to square one.

Let alone to where you wanted to get to in the first place.

All because you didn’t want to invest in yourself.

Instead, you could’ve said, “alright, that hurts the wallet a bit, but I’m gonna commit to this thing so I can make a return on my investment.”

You’re simply not serving yourself by not investing in your growth.

And hiring a teacher or mentor to help you achieve your goals is the best investment you can make in yourself.

If you think your money is better spent sitting as ones and zeros in your bank account instead of working to grow you as a human being, you’ve got to break out of your scarcity mindset.

“Free” is super expensive because you pay for it with your time.

And you ain’t never getting that back. Money is a social construct. Time is a physical constraint. One can be replenished, the other is gone forever.

So today Ryan and I are going to talk about growth, the cost of “FREE” and how never investing in yourself will ultimately cost you so much more in the long run.

Watch the video above to check out our episode.

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