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How To Get the IRS to Pay For the Orchestra On Your Album

I’ve got a great story today that I REALLY hope you can learn from.

If you can’t use this strategy exactly because your country or state doesn’t have these “loopholes” then I hope I’ve at least taught you to think outside the box to reach something you previously thought was impossible.

Here’s the story:

I went to this neighborhood association meeting a while ago. In the gymnasium they had a string quartet playing for some reason and I thought, “man it would be so cool to get some strings on one of our songs for the upcoming album.”

So what did I have to lose. I can at least introduce myself right?

So I go over and turns out these are high school student rehearsing for some recital. I get to talking to their teacher and I mention that I would love to record them for our album. She seems interested so we exchange cards and I ask her to send me an email.

Let me pause for a second.

At this point I have no idea where I’ll go with this. I just have this idea in my head that strings would sound cool on a song.

I’ve never recorded an orchestra before.

I don’t know the first thing about arranging strings.

I don’t even know where I could record them! My home studio certainly isn’t big enough.

But the thing about ideas is that if you let them percolate in your brain long enough the universe will bring you some solutions.

Fast forward to last winter.

I get a touring gig with Laura and the Killed Men playing bass because their other bass player has moved on to other projects.

We meet to go over some bass and vocal parts so that the transition for the band will be smoother and I can ask him some questions I have about the more problematic bass parts.

Turns out one of his other projects is arranging!

So I tell him I’d love to get some strings on my album and he’s willing to help me arrange the parts.

Boom. Arranging problem, solved.

Having figured out that piece of the problem I go back to the orchestra director and we meet to discuss how to move forward. Of course, you can’t just go disrupt an entire semester of class because you want them on your rock record but the school is perfectly willing to move forward if I make a donation to the school.

Of course! Money solves most problems!

But here’s the kicker. In Arizona that sort of donation goes dollar for dollar against your tax burden so instead of paying the tax money I would’ve paid anyway I can a) decide where the money goes instead of letting morons distribute it, b) I can feel real philanthropic about myself and c)


So as I write this I’m preparing to go into the studio today to record an 8-piece orchestra for the closing track on our album. They’re really well rehearsed and I know the session will be a success. But more importantly,  I want to show these seniors in high-school that a career in music is a very real possibility. I hope that some of them walk out of that studio today bitten by the music bug and will go on to devote their careers to the arts instead of taking a lousy job for some boring ass company.

Moral of the story?

Thinking outside the box, having big ideas and collaborating with other people that have a different skill set than you has a dramatically positive effect on your final production.

Our song would’ve just been a simple acoustic rock song but instead we now have a huge closing number for our upcoming album.

All because I wanted something different, thought outside the box and used the power of collaboration to make something bigger than I ever could’ve done by myself.

And…you know…tax loopholes but the good kind!

That’s the type of thinking I teach you in my Music Production Strategies package. It’s not a technical “point the mic here, use this compression setting” course but a “while listening to this I realized that I could learn a lot from the arrangement of this famous song to strengthen the production of my own.”

It’s the type of thing I teach you in the Self Producing Series that’s included as a part of Music Production Strategies.

If you want to use proven ideas to breathe new life into your productions check out Music Production Strategies here:

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