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I feel like I’m in dozens of bands!

Today is the DAY!

We’re having a party on the Audio Issues Youtube channel to stream the new album “Hush” by Splitting Stations!

If you like music (and if you don’t why are you even here lol?!?), then you should join us at 1 PM PDT, 4 PM EDT) today through this link!

It’s been really fun to see Ed and Simon create these songs in the last few months, bringing their mixes into Feedback Friday and improving them until they’re release-ready!

One of the awesome things for me and the other Insiders is that you get to feel like you’re an unofficial band member or superfan of all these different bands and acts.

You get to feel like a ’70s punk with Nic Hamilton.

You get to feel like you’re a part of the folk family of The Promise is Hope.

You get to be an Americana cowboy with Bob Gemmell.

You get to rock out to British rap with Tim Mann’s productions with Connor Spratt.

You get to feel silly about the Stanley Cup with Curt Cummings.

You get to merge with the music with Simon Rider.

And you can get angry with Ed Charles.

These are just a few of our Insiders who are actively working on perfecting their mixes and regularly releasing their records.

For me, getting to listen to their work in progress and help them improve their music until it’s ready for the world is really satisfying.

If you’re working on your tracks and you need some help to get them over the finish line, Insiders is guaranteed to help you out.

And for only $1, it’s a no-brainer to try it out for 30 days.

The $1 trial ends TONIGHT so make sure you join us on the inside before then!

Have a great weekend,


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