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Is your mind making up your problems?

It was such a huge issue that I was scared to act on it for four years.

I thought, “producing an audiobook seems like a huge task, and I don’t have time to figure all that stuff out now.”

All these roadblocks popped up every time the task crossed my stressed-out mind:

  • “I don’t know how to do it myself.”
  • “How do I even find a person to help me?”
  • “Where do I even start?”

I allowed the problem to fester into a gigantic undertaking in my mind, so naturally, it took all that negative energy, sprouted roots, and latched on for years.

And once you’ve allowed these doubts into your head, you start justifying the status quo to yourself.

You’ll shrug and sigh. Then, you’ll convince yourself that doing nothing is fine because “nobody wants that anyway” (even though the data says that millions of people prefer listening to books over reading them).

So your mind puts on its yellow hard hat and goes to work for you. You’ve given it the plans for a reality in which there’s this huge problem, and they’ll construct an amazingly complex architecture of anxiety for you to believe in.

A reality that isn’t even true because you’ve made the problem bigger than it truly is.

It’s funny how your mind works like that sometimes. It’s just a belief. It wasn’t actually true.

And then one day, my mind took a 30-minute coffee break in the middle of the day, so I thought, “all right, let’s do some Googling.”

I felt like a producer directing a singer in the studio at the end of a long day, saying, “Hey, we’ve got a couple of minutes; how about we do a quick vocal take just for fun?”

And then that vocal take ends up on the album.

It turns out that it took me less than 30 minutes to set up auditions to make it into an audiobook because my book was already available as an ebook. A week later, I had found my producer. A month later, the book was ready.

I had sweated over this task for years, turning it over and over in my head, snowballing it bigger and bigger until it was unachievable. My mind was busy making up mirages.

Sometimes your giant problems are just puffing up their chest like they’re the undefeated heavy-weight champion of the world when in fact, they’re just a scrawny kid who you can outsmart in 30 minutes.

What task are you constantly putting off that your mind has made into an unnecessarily big problem?

Maybe it only takes 30 minutes to take the first step to solve it. After that, you might be able to push the snowball down the hill until it vanishes.

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