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Reminder: Hit Song Formula Workshop is TODAY

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This week we’re going to talk about songwriting a lot because it is the most important ingredient for your studio.

If you don’t have a great song, it doesn’t matter what gear you have.

All those expensive mics, pre-amps or plug-ins won’t save a poor song from itself so it’s up to you to make sure your songwriting is up to snuff with the best of them.

Luckily for you, I’m teaming up with Grammy-award-winning songwriter and producer, Seth Mosley from Full Circle Music for an exclusive songwriting workshop for Audio Issues readers.

The workshop is TODAY at 2 PM Central Time (that’s 12 noon Pacific, 1 Pm Mountain, and 3 PM Eastern).

If you’d like to join us, click this link to register.

In this workshop, Seth will reveal his proven method for writing hit songs called the Hit Song Formula.

Seth’s written over 25 number-one hit songs and he has two Grammy awards to his name, so this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to improve the quality of your songwriting.

Don’t miss out on joining us. Even if you can’t make it live, please make sure you register so we can send you the replay.

Here’s to helping you write better songs!

See you soon,



This week I’ll also be sharing some great information from the archives on how you can take your hit song and make them sound more professionally produced.

Make sure you keep an eye on your inbox for that, but it’s better if you already have a great song before you start flexing your music production muscles.

Here’s the link to register for the workshop again.

I’m excited to join Seth on this webinar and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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