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Stop Adding This Frequency to Your Bass!

You gotta stop adding this frequency range to your mixes if you want to avoid muddy mixes.

There’s no better way to cause muddiness than overload your mix with the low-mids.

I know you want weight in your mixes but if you instinctually add low-mids your mix will suffer for it because the low-mids will immediately muddy up your mix.

You’re making your mixes muddy without even knowing it because you think the bass guitar needs all that low-mid energy.

Unfortunately, too much of the low-mids will just cause muddiness.

A better way to do it is to add thickness in the lows by adding BASS to the bass!

Then add tone and clarity.

Here’s a quick video I made to explain why you (might) be doing this all wrong!

If you do it as I do in the video you’ll have thicker bass mixes, with more definition and clarity without muddiness.


Look below 100 Hz for thickness, and then between 300-400 Hz for tone, and the harmonics in 700 Hz range to add attitude!

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