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Stories from students: Here’s what Karmin learned from Expert Home Vocals

Earlier today you read the story about my good friend and student, Rebecca De La Torre from Topkat Studios.

If you missed the post you can check it out here.

Karmin is another one of my students. He not only joined Expert Home Vocals and he’s also a Music Production Strategies student. I’m very grateful he thought my previous material and courses were good enough to trust me to help him through my brand new course.

As he says himself,

“I have been involved in music making and recording for decades. I self-produced a CD titled “Approaching Zero” in 2011. Then it took me until 2017 to release my 2nd CD called “About Time.” I felt pretty good in general about these recordings, but I noticed that there was some inconsistency in the sound of the vocals. Fine tuning the EQ seems to be a little elusive to me at times. I feel like I understand the concepts mostly, but have been a little out of practice since I don’t work with it every day as my regular job. 

I’ve stayed on your mailing list and I appreciate all the little tips and tricks you’ve thrown out over the years…I’ve felt a little insecure with my vocals at times and don’t consider them my best skill. I have gotten better with some coaching, but it doesn’t always feel natural. When I saw your email about this Expert Home Vocals, it piqued my interest. I see much room for improvement and the idea of keeping it simple really appeals to me. Things like how to get a singer to perform their best in the studio as well as how to make the vocals really sound professional in the mix are some of the things that made me want to join.

Karmin was hoping to get a good grasp on recording vocals (mostly his own), and when I asked about his biggest aha moments while going through Expert Home Vocals, this is what he said:

“Working with lyrics to fit the rhythm. Often I’ll try to sing what I’ve written in different rhythms to complement what’s happening in the music, but that is a great idea to choose different words or cut words out that are not necessary to get the point across and hence change the rhythm and perhaps make it easier to fit. Great tip. Also, the tips about making the singer more comfortable, inspired and or energetic just by the ambiance feel of the room and lighting. Love that!

Editing doubles and harmonies to get the rhythm of the words to line up. I’ve done a little of that but it’s encouraging to see someone do it with elastic audio and make it look easy and accessible. Getting a good mixing template together was a good reminder. Just to have everything you might need and often use already loaded – big time saver. EQing back up vocals to get them less present and competing with the lead by dipping in the 900 to 3k range. Nice!

Also using subtle amounts of reverb as well as saturation as a thickener as opposed to a space maker. And using compression, saturation, reverb and even compressing or delaying reverb as a parallel enhancer. Very cool! And I love that idea to spread the lead vocal a bit left and right and put the harmony part in the center. Never thought of that. And in general the multiple uses of compression like before going into a delay or reverb even if it’s already been compressed on the way in and on the vocal channel itself. I know one could easily overdo it, but this encourages smaller amounts more frequently to make it less obvious.

These are great tips. I will re-read the material to see what else pops out.Thank you for putting all this together.

If Karmin’s story resonates with you, Expert Home Vocals is definitely a resource for you.

Here’s what you get when you join Expert Home Vocals:

  • Detailed Course Book: Your step-by-step workflow for producing, recording, editing, and mixing professional vocals from your home studio, with easy to use techniques and detailed supporting images.
  • Video Package: Complementary videos with practical techniques and quick tips on getting an expert vocal sound even if you don’t have expert-level equipment.
  • Bonus: Video and Workbook Vocal Effects Masterclass – Top 10 Vocal Processing Techniques for Pro Vocals
  • Bonus PDF Guide: Vocal Microphone Buyer’s Guide – How to Find the Right Vocal Recording Microphone if You’re on a Budget.

Read more stories and testimonials from other students that have learned from Expert Home Vocals by hitting the link below:


Expert Home Vocals closes on Friday because I want to take care of all of my incoming students.

If you’re booked with work, studies or other projects at the moment, you should still join the course today even if you’re going to take it at a later date. I’m not sure when I’ll open it up again and the course structure, bonuses or price may all be different at that point. Besides, I’m always around for my students if they have questions, regardless of when they bought/took their courses.

Expert Home Vocals does not require a huge time commitment but it will 100% improve the quality of your vocal productions. All you need are a few hours to go through the eBook and videos and you’ll instantly have the knowledge you need to make better sounding vocals.

Here’s the link again:

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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