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The Absolutely Essential List of Music Production Schools

Music production schools are getting more and more popular every second. My generation seems to be more interested in getting an education in something they are absolutely fanatical about instead of getting a throw-away degree in something like sociology(sorry sociology majors. I like Marx too!)

Some schools offer a full-fledged Bachelor’s degree in audio production, giving you the opportunity to continue your education in a master’s program of some sort. But some schools only offer certificates, diplomas or stand-alone “direct-employment” education that teaches you all the practicalities of sound engineering and production.

Music production schools teaching audio engineering and sound recording have been around for a long time, but I get the feeling their numbers are increasing exponentially. What follows is an extensive list of audio production schools around the world.

University Degrees in the United States

International Academy of Design and Technology

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production

Texas State University – San Marcos

  • Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording

Full Sail University

  • Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts

Berklee School of Music

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and Engineering

McNally Smith College of Music

  • Bachelor of Science in Music(Music Producer)

Indiana University Bloomington

  • Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts

University of Hartford

  • Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Production and Technology

University of New Haven

  • B.A. and B.S Degrees in Music and Sound Recording

American University

  • Degrees in Music Production and Audio Technology

Diploma Certificates

Conservatory of Recording Arts

  • CRAS Master Recording Program

The Recording Connection

  • Internship based Music Production Program

Institute of Audio Research

  • Diploma in Audio Recording and Production

Musician’s Institute

  • Certificate in Audio Engineering
  • Diplomas in Music Production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Recording Engineer Course

San Diego Mesa College

  • Music Technology Certificate

The Los Angeles Recording School

  • Various Diplomas and Certificates

Music Production Schools Offering Associate Degrees

IPR Institute Minnesota

  • Associate of Applied Science in Media Arts

Full Sail University

  • Recording Engineering program

McNally College of Music

  • Associate of Applied Science in Music Production and Recording Technology

Long Beach City College

  • Associate Degrees in Record Producing or Recording Engineering

Los Angeles Film School

  • Associate of Science in Recording Arts

The Art Institute of Seattle

  • Associate of Media in Audio Production

Music Production Schools in Canada

Recording Arts Canada

  • Vocational Degree in Sound and Music Recording

Trebas Institute

  • Vocational Degree in Studio Recording and Live Sound


  • AEC in Audio Production Techniques

McGill University

  • Graduate Degree in Sound Recording

University Degrees in the UK & Europe

SAE Institute

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Engineering
  • Degrees available in various locations such as Madrid, London and Oxford.

School of Sound Recording

  • Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering and Design

FutureWorks School of Media

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Production

Point Blank

  • Diploma in Sound Engineering


  • Studio Assistant Certificate
  • Diploma in Studio & Live Sound Engineering

The Recording Workshop

  • Sound Engineering & Music Production Diplomas

London School of Sound

  • Diploma in Music Production

University of Salford

  • Degree Programs in Acoustics & Audio Technology

Manchester Midi School

  • Course program in Music Construction, Production & Commercial Sound Engineering.

University of London – Queen Mary

  • Undergraduate Program in Audio Systems Engineering

Thames Valley University

  • BA(Hons) Music Technology and Applied Audio Engineering

Southampton Solent University

  • BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering

University of Derby

  • BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Technology

University of Wolverhampton

  • BA (Hons) Music Technology

University of Surrey

  • Music and Sound Recording (B Course) – J931 Tonmeister leading to BMus (Hons)

University of Portsmouth

  • Music And Sound Technology – BSc (Hons)

University of Hertfordshire

  • Music and Sound Technology (Audio Engineering) MSc

Music Production Schools in Australia

VanderSound Audio Engineering School

  • One on One – Self Paced – Audio Engineering Program

Australian Institute of Music

  • BMus
  • Dip Mus
  • GRaduate Studies

JMC Academy

  • Diploma, Associate’s and Bachelor’s in Audio Engineering

SAE Institute

  • Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production

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