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I remember what it was like in the before times.

Before my full-time career as an audio engineer, a touring musician, and a professional audio educator.

I know what it’s like when you’re trying to make your tracks sound like pro records but you feel like you’re failing.

I remember when my first band recorded our debut album and I just couldn’t get the guitar to sound right.

For some reason, I remember my notes about our mixes vividly.

They simply said, “THE GUITAR SOUND SUCKS!”

I was a teenager so pardon me as I roll my eyes at my younger, naive self.

Although you might not be quite so annoyingly adolescent, I’m sure you can relate.

Fortunately, you’ve made the right choice NOT to go it alone, which is why you’re subscribed to my list and reading this newsletter right now.

But chances are you’ve been trying to release professional records for a while now, and you still find your music lacking.

If you’re like most people, you’ve read all the blog posts, watched all the Youtube tutorials, and maybe even bought a course or two.

And every time you learn a little something. You make an inch of progress, but ultimately, your records are nowhere near the quality that you’d like them to be.

So you still have all these songs sitting on your hard drive, right next to your folder of dreams of becoming a professional artist, music producer, or freelance engineer.

So when I revealed the Pro Music Bundle this week, I’m sure you were skeptical.

You might’ve thought, “How is the Pro Music Bundle any different than everything else you’ve tried so far?”

And maybe you didn’t even bother to check it out because you’ve already given up.

But if you want to be like my most successful students…the ones who learn the skills to make quality music that gets noticed so that they can go pro with their skills…then don’t give up yet.

My training has helped thousands of musicians, producers, and engineers gain the skills they need to successfully release records they can be proud of.

And many use their newfound mixing skills to create a full-time career from their home studios, either as full-time artists or engineers-for-hire.

You see…they get so good at mixing their own songs that other people start to notice. And when you’re too good to ignore, guess who gets the call when they need help?

You do.

Even if you’re just working on your music as a hobby you still need to know how to make good mixes, master your records, and promote your music…even if it’s just in your spare time between your family and work obligations.

That’s why I’m so excited to offer the Pro Music Bundle at such a ridiculous discount this week.

It should be within everybody’s reach to make great music, and the three courses I compiled are guaranteed to take you there…or your money back.

The Mix Walkthrough Vault lets you sit down next to me as I walk through six different mixes in six different genres, many of which have actually been played on the radio. These walkthroughs don’t get more radio-ready than that.

The Master Your Mixes course will explain everything you need to know about mastering so you can confidently release your records, knowing that they sound just as loud and powerful as the records you hear on the radio, without needing to hire a mastering engineer every time you want to release a record.

And lastly, ​The Mix Business Blueprint shows you how to go pro with your music, whether you want to promote your music as an artist or attract clients as a freelancer.

It teaches you the same process I’ve taught musicians, producers, music teachers, startups, and small businesses, as well as university students studying entrepreneurship.

I regularly charge thousands of dollars for this type of mentorship, but for Black Friday, it’s all included!

So, it’ obvious that you have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you grab the Pro Music Bundle so click this link to order now.

In addition, you’ll also get seven exclusive free bonuses to help you mix, master, and release better music that makes an impact on your life.




And hey, if you’re at all worried that my training is not going to give you results, my satisfaction guarantee is good for an entire year.

However, my recommendation is to not be worried. I wouldn’t still be teaching this stuff after ten years if my materials didn’t work. Instead, I recommend you be excited about the opportunity of finally learning the skills you need to succeed.

The bundle goes away in a few days so make sure you grab it here before it’s too late.

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