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The Smoothie Template For Your Mixes

My longest-running habit is my morning smoothie.

It’s so ingrained in me and I feel so positive about its contribution to my success that it even made an appearance in You Get What You Give.

The template for the smoothie is simple:

  • Protein (powder and yogurt)
  • Seeds (variation of chia, hemp hearts, flax)
  • Assorted fruits
  • Spinach

Sometimes I’ve added nuts, and I’m currently experimenting with mesquite flour because it’s packed with protein and nutrients.

I recently got into mesquite flour after I acquired AZ Baking Company and I’ve been enjoying its different uses.

But I digress.

Although the type of seeds and fruits may vary depending on what I’ve got, the template more or less stays the same.

It’s similar to how you should create a mix template that improves your workflow, no matter what kind of music you’re working on.

A template should include:

  • Your groups and busses
  • Your plug-in chains
  • Your effects channels
  • Your routing

If you’re only producing your own music, your template will evolve over time. As you produce, mix, and master more you’ll want to keep tweaking your template to make it more efficient for you.

And if you’re working with clients and mixing a range of styles, a template is even more valuable because it can save you so much time.

If you build a template that handles 80% of the things you throw at it, you’ll end up saving hours of mixing time in the long run.

But if you never bother to take an hour or so to set it up to work for you, you’re going to lose countless hours doing the same tasks over and over again when you’re mixing.

You want to be an efficient mixing engineer. If you can work faster and finish more songs, your body of work will be that much better. And if you’re freelancing as a mixing engineer and you charge a flat rate, all those efficiencies just mean that your hourly rate goes up.

So if you haven’t thought about creating a mix template yet, why haven’t you?

It’s easy and I outline it all in Better Mixes in Less Time: The Productivity Playbook for Mixing Engineers.

It’s a free bonus that I include with Step By Step Mixing so if you haven’t read it yet, click the link below to get started:

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