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Top 10 Reasons for Musicians to Start a Blog

It’s hard to compete with other artists because there are just so many out there. If you’re a musician, a great way to showcase your creativity and style while also engaging with your audience and standing out from the crowd is by creating a blog. It’s an inexpensive way to generate leads for your website and you can potentially increase your fan base. Here are the top 10 reasons you should start a blog now.

1. Increase your audience size

Growing your fan base is the ultimate desire of every musician no matter how long you’ve been at the game. The more fans you have listening to your music the more sales you’ll be able to make of your music and your income will go up. By starting a blog, you can easily start to bring in new fans and promote a community of creativity.

2. Engage with your audience

It’s no secret that fans of a musician want to connect with them and feel engaged, and this works both ways. When an audience is loyal to a musician and interacts with them, the musician feels uplifted and motivated to write music that they’ll love. With a blog, there’s no character limit so you can create whatever content you wish that will resonate with your fans.

3. Work on your writing skills

According to Mark Howard, a music writer at UKWritings and State Of Writing, “it’s important to improve your writing skills to self-market yourself, because your chances of appealing to your readers increase if your content is interesting and without mistakes. These improved writing skills will also help you when you’re writing music.”

4. Showcase who you are

A blog is a perfect way to show who you are and what you do, because fans love finding out more about their favorite musicians. By publishing your biography on your blog, you’ll seem more accessible to your audience, and it’s a good way to communicate with them.

5. Focus on creativity

Ben Kingsley, a journalist at Assignment Services and Best British Essays, says that “having a blog will force you to focus on your creativity and writing down more ideas. Once you get some good feedback from your fans, you won’t feel as reluctant and you’ll be more motivated to publish new thoughts.”

6. Increase traffic to your website

Music websites don’t often have a lot of new information – the main draw is the schedule of concerts. However, you still want people to go to your site so your sales increase, so blogging is a good way to do that. You can give your audience useful information, talk about how you wrote a certain song or what’s on your mind. These are things that readers are interested in, and the fact that you’re always publishing new content means your site will have regular visitors.

7. Have a bigger email base

With a blog, you can increase the amount of subscribers to your newsletter so your email list will get longer. Having loyal fans is great for business, so you can send out some calls to action, like voting for a new song, or sharing clips of studio work, or a behind the scenes account of a concert. This is a great way to build a sense of community and loyalty from your fans.

8. Develop your personal style

Your blog, like your music, should be individualized and reflect your own personal style. If someone else writes the content, it won’t feel like an authentic glimpse at yourself and your fans will lose interest. Your blog is just another means to be creative and if you invest time in it, you’ll see how your musical creativity develops too and your fans will notice and appreciate it.

9. Increase your popularity

Putting engaging content on your blog means not only will you get more fans and capture their attention, but you could also make a mark with the media and be invited to interview with a magazine or journalist. This is popularity at a cost-free way to you.

10. Inspire others

Your audience might be inspired by your writing on your blog, and you might be making positive changes in their life. For the same reason you decided to share your music to the world, sharing your creative content can do the same, and will transform your own life for the better.

Aimee Laurence, a music blogger and writer at Top Canadian Writing Services and Top Canadian Writers writes about music trends and careers of different musicians. She’s also a freelance editor for Student Writing Services where she focuses on lifestyle and art of all styles.

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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