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What to do when Gully-Gawk kills your vocal performance?

If you’re looking for great vocal productions from your home studio, today’s Yuletide gift might be a good one.

Giljagaur or Gully-Gawk is the second Yuletide Trickster to terrify the home studios this year.

He’s been known to hide in gullies, waiting for an opportunity to steal milk, but there’s not a single cow to be seen in or around your studio!

Unfortunately, Giljagaur has caught a terrible cold on his way down the mountain so he sets his sights on all the warm water and tea you keep in your studio.

So when you get into the studio for your pre-planned vocal recording session, you have no way to warm up your vocal cords!

Not to worry, sitting in your shoe is a package of premium Honey Lemon Throat Comfort tea from Yogi to soothe your throat, as well as this excerpt from Expert Home Vocals:

“It’s important to get a healthy sound level into your software when you’re recording, but if the source isn’t physically healthy to begin with, no amount of mixing will fix it. Make sure the singer doesn’t have a cold, isn’t hungover from the night before, or even worse, coming down from drugs. These factors will negatively affect the sound of your recording. You’ll get the occasional singer that likes to drink or smoke to get into the mood and the vibe, and that’s something that you’ll simply have to deal with. It can often make for great tracks if you get the vibe just right and they’re in the exact right zone between comfy and too tipsy to pitch correctly. But if they come in already sounding like a disaster, it’s often a better bet to simply reschedule the session.

I’ve started telling bands that they should be careful about partying too hard the night before because it will most likely negatively impact their recording session. I’ve had people coming down from drugs trying to figure out arrangements. I’ve had people smoke joints before recording their guitar parts. It’s unprofessional, and most of the time it doesn’t work out well for them, especially if they’re not great players to begin with. No amount of substance abuse will magically make you a better performer. You may think you are, but the finished recording will prove you wrong.

Also, make sure your singer is honest with you. Make them understand that it’s important to communicate their health to you. If they’re coming down with a cold, or don’t feel up to the task of recording a vocal take that will stay with them forever because of their subpar health, it might not be worth it to run the session. Again, sometimes it’s simply easier to reschedule the session.”

I hope that sets your vocal sessions straight! If you’d like to take your vocal productions to the next level, Expert Home Vocals will help you get professional vocals from your home studio.

The next Yuletide Trickster is a tiny little fellow with a fondness for fiddling with your compressors.

More about that tomorrow.



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Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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