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Which of These 3 Stages of Music Production Are You In?

If you’re anything like my students, your music and productions are in one of these three stages:

Stage 1 – The Zombie Stage

You can find your way around your DAW and enjoy tinkering with your plug-ins, but you’re more like a mad scientist than a musician. You use your studio like an illegal lab you don’t want anyone to know about, experimenting with your tracks, hoping to invent the next Frankenstein’s Monster.

But…you never finish any of your experiments because you’re not sure your songs are good enough. All of your songs are like zombies stuck in your hard drive graveyard and you don’t know how to revive them to release them into the real world.

You don’t know which song to keep working on. You don’t know which one sounds the best. Your songs are technically finished, but you’re not sure whether they’re good enough to compete with the professional music you compare your mixes to.

Every time you try to mix a song that sounds like the records you love so much, the experiment blows up in your face with boominess, muddiness, and harshness everywhere!

Stage 2 – The Shadow Stage

Your songs are out of the hard drive graveyard, but they only exist in the shadow plane. You’ve shared some of your music with your friends by using private Soundcloud links, but you don’t know if you can trust their feedback so you’re still too scared to properly release them into the world.

The real world can’t hear them because you can’t bring yourself to release your records. Now, not only do your songs haunt you in their unfinished state, but they’re also haunting your friends and family, who wonder when they are ever going to be able to hear your songs on their streaming services.

Your songs are like ghosts that haunt you every time you enter your studio. They stay in the shadows never to be seen or heard from, like a harmless version of those budget-rate shadow creatures in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

You keep tinkering with your music in the shadows of your studio but you never send them into the light of what they could become.

Stage 3 – The Salvation Stage

You’ve left the graveyard behind!

You’ve sought out the guidance of saviors who have gone through the nightmare before you and they’ve slain your uncertainty and self-doubt. You’ve learned to confidently finish your mixes and now you’re proud to release your songs because you know they sound professional compared to what you hear on Spotify or iTunes.

You’re ready to share your songs with the real-world because you know you’re creating great music you love.

You know how to navigate the self-release ecosystem and you have a system in place to help you succeed. You have a long-term strategy with your songs, and you’ve put thought into promoting them to your growing audience so you can continue to succeed with your music.

Not only that, but you’ve started helping others navigate their song shadows out of the hard drive graveyard and into the land of the living.

You share your knowledge by helping others get through the trials and tribulations you’ve already overcome.

Get to the Final Stage With Audio Issues Insiders

I’ve been paying it forward for over ten years now, sharing my knowledge about audio production to help thousands of home studio musicians and bedroom producers make a bigger impact with their music.

I’m not only familiar with the three stages above because I’ve lived it myself, but I’ve also personally coached others through each stage until they’re confident and proud of the music they make.

In the last year I’ve been doing it effectively through my materials, coaching, and mix feedback inside my Audio Issues Insiders community and today I’m proud to announce that the doors are open to new members!

If you want to confidently finish your mixes and release your music, whether it’s a single, EP, or an album, in the next 30-60 days, my Insiders community is where you get the support you need to make that happen.

Regardless of which stage you’re in, you’ll find a place with us in the Insiders community. 

People are already joining, like Joby from Norway who just posted this in the community:

Here’s what you get when you join Insiders:

  • The Final 10% Video Course ($99 Value) – a 6-Part video course that helps you save time with every mix by using a streamlined mix workflow to confidently finish your songs, whatever genre you’re working in. Learn to set up your mix for success, approach your mix with creativity, and finish your mix with confidence.
  • Crash Course in Mastering Your Mixes ($99 Value) – Exclusive Insiders-Only mastering training that covers what mastering really is (and what it isn’t), how to set up your monitoring and what metering you should use while mastering, how to prepare your mix for mastering, whether you’re mastering it yourself or sending it off and the most important plug-ins to use, and how to take your mixes to the next level by mastering them yourself.
  • Mix Walkthrough Vault ($441 Value) – 9 mix walkthroughs of various genres to help you practice your skills and improve your own mixes so that you can release your next song, EP, or album. Watch the video on the Insiders page to hear the mixes and what you learn from them.
  • Mix Feedback and Expert Interviews ($400 Value) – Jump on an Office Hours style coaching calls with me where you get dedicated mix feedback to help you make your mixes translate to every speaker. I’ll listen to your mixes through all of my speaker systems to give you dedicated notes to improve.
  • Music Marketing Masterclasses ($800 Value) – Promoting your music doesn’t have to be agonizing. You don’t have to be put off by the whole “business” side of things. You’ve spent all this time on your music, you should give some thought into how to market it to reach an audience. These Music Promotion Masterclasses will help you improve your online presence, even if you dislike social media, find it hard to get followers, and hate the word “marketing.”
  • Bedroom Producer Program ($97 Value) – A 3-part workshop and eBook that teaches you how to write songs, arrange your tracks, and improve your productions.
  • Home Recording Hacks ($49 Value) – A 5-part course on recording in your home studio.
  • Supportive Community (Priceless) – THE place to hang out, ask questions, interact and collaborate, ask questions, share your releases, and get the support you need. I’ll be in there regularly helping out, answering questions, and creating members-only content to help your mixes get better.

The materials included in your members would add up to over $1,800 if you bought them separately, but you can get started for only $29!

Keep in mind that the price is likely to go up the next time we open in September so make sure you lock in your rate by joining now.

Become an Insider now and start confidently finishing your mixes so you can be proud to release your records.

See you on the inside!



I’ve been studying audio, working on music, and sharing my techniques with you for years. I know how much of a difference the right training can make to improve your skills. I’m serious about helping you finish your mixes and release your music by giving you the training you need.

Are you serious about investing in yourself?

Invest in Insiders and get the training you need to succeed.

Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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