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Who is You Get What You Give for?

In case you’re wondering who my new book, You Get What You Give is for, here’s the simple answer:

If you’re a human who likes stories (and all humans like stories), loves music and are between the ages of 18 and dead, you’ll like You Get What You Give.

Even people who aren’t music producers have told me how much they liked it.

But if you’re still on the fence about whether it’s for you, I compiled a few of the reviews for you to check out.

“Do your future self a favor and get this book.”

Rebecca De La Torre tells you to  Do your future self a favor and get this book.”

She adds that “although I was running a successful private recording studio in the Phoenix area even before he made a decent living from his AudioIssues business (and I learned in Nashville), I still have found myself learning so much from his experiences that I always purchase everything he publishes as soon as it is available. This man is the real deal. He really wants independent artists to succeed and his technical knowledge is on point. I love this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to really up their game in the new music industry as an artist, engineer, or musicpreneur. Do yourself a favor and purchase this very real and inspiring piece of work. Your future self will thank you.”

“The Go-Giver meets Rolling Stone”

Gina calls my book the “Go-Giver meets Rolling Stone,” recommending it for “Anyone who is trying to start or has started their own entrepreneurial endeavor, as well as someone who has an affinity for the music industry, will enjoy and benefit from this book. It is clear that the author cares deeply about his readers and has surpassed the goal of “giving deeply. A meaningful and fun read!”

“[His] Best so far”

Mark is halfway through You Get What You Give and has already gifted a second copy to a friend, saying “I have read some other things like this but this is so specific to music (while it also isn’t- can be applied to anything). I will finish it today, very easy read but with some great points. Really well written. I already have read a few of Bjorgvin’s other books and materials, but this is the best so far. Highly recommended. I already gifted it to one person and we are going to work on it together.”

“Helped take the mystique – and the sleaze – out of…MARKETING”

Chrissy compared my book to James Altucher’s Choose Yourself, which is an incredible compliment, saying, “A mix of inspiring, practical, and entertaining! I read You Get What You Give simultaneously with James Altucher’s best-seller Choose Yourself and found You Get What You Give similarly helpful and motivational, I appreciated the overarching theme of community and connectedness. And, among other things, You Get What You Give helped take the mystique – and the sleaze – out of the (former) bane of my artist existence … MARKETING.”

“Not what I expected in the best possible way!”

Gabriel was pleasantly surprised in the “best possible way,” saying, This book is not just for people who operate within the world of audio engineering and recording. It’s definitely for those people, but if you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, or simply someone who wants to learn about different ways to approach life’s challenges- this book is for you too. Sometimes how-to’s and self-help books can be a bit boring and preachy but this was a fun read and the “parable” format made it also an accessible read.”

“Not just for those starting out”

Haukur goes on to add that You Get What You Givehas valuable information, insights and motivations for everyone in the music “industry”, not just those starting out. I have been making records for over 20 years, and not only did I really enjoy the well-written and relatable story, but it also gave me plenty of insight into things I could improve in my business right away. I highly recommend it.”

“So many layers to this book”

And just this morning, an amazing and detailed review popped up from Amanda, where she says, “You Get What You Give is a beautiful parable for our times for anyone who is seeking their truth as a human being. It’s not just for novice audio producers. Read this book if you would like to break out of your day job but are frightened where you might land without a net. Read this book if you are already a self-employed creative who would like to hone your business model.

You Get What You Gives shows you practical ways of thinking, doing, and being that will help you move forward from where you are now to where you would like to go through easy to understand stories. It is a joy to follow Casey’s journey from an IT worker at a marketing firm to pursuing his passion for audio engineering. You will cringe at his missteps and rejoice in his successes knowing that he is on the pathway to becoming a happier, more successful person through giving and through valuing his own worth. His mentor Noah guides him through the process of learning how to find his niche and strengths and build upon them. There are so many layers to this book. The narrative format works really well because the vignettes are deceptively simple but the stories and characters stick with you far more than a technical “how-to” book would.

You can see elements of the author in each of the main characters. You can read about fame and fortune, elements of whimsy, and the importance of plain old hard work. This book is a solid investment in yourself. Get a few to share with friends and colleagues. After all, you get what you give.”

Get Your Copy Today

There are plenty more like that on the Amazon page, and if you’d like to read what all the fuss is about, get your copy of You Get What You Give right here.

The price of the book will go up TOMORROW at noon so you only have a day left to take advantage of the discounted price.

So, like another review said, “Are you a musician? An audio engineer? A music producer? No matter your niche, you NEED this book right now. Bravo, Bjorgvin, for giving me the gameplan to open my little studio in the new year!”

This is my most creative and useful work yet, so you would be remiss to let it pass you by.

Here’s the link to grab it again:




If you’ve already got your copy and want to add to the reviews, I would sincerely appreciate it. I know hundreds of you reading this have already got their copy and I really appreciate your support and goodwill, not to mention the patience as I keep yapping on and on about it these last few weeks. THANK YOU!

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