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Who is your favorite authority?

I was hanging out with my Insiders yesterday and the conversation turned to which famous producers we like watching on Youtube.

During last year’s COVID lockdown I got really into the Mix With the Masters web series.

And my favorite guys on there were:

  • Andrew Scheps for his general music production philosophy
  • Greg Wells for his love of music composition and down-to-earth teaching
  • Jaycen Joshua for unorthodox mixing techniques and overall cool-factor

I watched their series both for recreational purposes as well as for research while I was creating my Mix Finisher Formula program.

But I’ll be honest with you, those masters are not the big thinkers that I follow. I’ve spent decades of my life learning about audio and I’ve read most of the books on the subject.

So I’ve turned to different thinkers that I think are more important for improving other parts of your life, and I thought I’d share some of them with you today in case you’re looking to expand your knowledge in areas outside of audio production.

Here’s a list of my favorite thinkers in the last five years. Each link is an affiliate link and goes to my favorite books they’ve written.

  1. Rohit Bhargava on future marketing trends
  2. Martin Lindstrom on consumer behavior
  3. Ryan Holiday on stoicism and writing
  4. Naval Ravikant on wealth philosophy
  5. Seth Godin on marketing philosophy
  6. Ash Ambridge on authenticity and voice
  7. Marie Forleo about business building
  8. Robert Greene on mastery and human nature

If you’re looking for something good to read, I cannot recommend these people enough.




The biggest research takeaway from Mix With The Masters, while I was making the Mix Finisher Formula program, was that everyone does things slightly differently, but the key trends are the same. That’s why the process inside Mix Finisher Formula is guaranteed to give you the proven process that transforms your rough recordings into finished mixes, based on years of personal experience and in-depth research into how others do it.

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