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I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth.

It seemed like time slowed down as she said it.

“Why?” my two-year-old asked.

I’d heard stories, but now that the moment was happening, I dreaded every minute of what might come.

And I knew there was no coming back from it.

Now I had to either completely ignore her questions, which probably meant a machine gun fire of whys from her mouth.

Or I’d need to explain everything to her from now until college.

Luckily, I’ve been spending most of my professional career explaining complex audio engineering to hobbyist musicians and producers, so in a way, I’d been preparing for this moment my whole life.

And in all honesty, “why?” is a perfectly acceptable question throughout the production process.

  • Why am I recording this part for this song?
  • Why am I slapping a chorus on this track?
  • Why am I adding a fade out ending (no, seriously, why are you doing that?)

So take it from a two-year-old and ask yourself why more often.

It might just improve your music.

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Confidently Finish Your Mixes and Proudly Release Your Records. Subscribe For Free VIP Tips.

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