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How Will You Improve Your Audio in the New Year?

Hi there,

How’s the new year treating you so far?

I wanted to thank you for being a reader this last year. Your continued support by reading my posts, engaging in the Facebook group or investing in my products really makes every year incredible.

All because of you.

I’ll tell you, last year was a whirlwind of a year for me at Audio Issues.

I set myself a few goals at the start of last year:

  • Being more engaged
  • Bringing more value

More Engagement

At the start of 2017, I set myself the goal of interacting with all of my subscribers and followers even more than I had done before.

I had recently started the Home Studio Musicians group on Facebook, and today we’ve grown to over 3,000 kick-ass members sharing their music and production advice.

I’m very proud of the group and I take it very seriously. You might not know this, but I don’t let everyone into the group. I make sure they’re just as passionate and interested in improving their productions as you before I approve their membership.

There are enough spammy groups on Facebook without mine becoming just another Troll-town for assholes to tell you your gear sucks.

I’m regularly in there answering questions and interacting with you guys, but my favorite part is seeing how amazing the other members help each other out. I’ve shared these regularly in emails, and I’ll continue to do so in the future.

More Value

This year was also one of the most successful years when it came to delivering high-quality information and products.

You helped me kick off the year in February by sending my eBook, Step By Step Mixing, straight to #1 on Amazon.

It’s rarely dropped below the Top 10 since publication and for that, I am incredibly grateful for all of your support!

In April, you took your support even further and helped me make the Drum Mix Toolkit one of the most successful Audio Issues products of all time.

It’s obvious that making awesome drum sounds in your home studio is a crucial aspect of punchy productions and I’m glad I was able to help you achieve that.

Of course, I couldn’t have made these resources on my own.

Jessica Sanchez testimonial

I wouldn’t have been able to write these eBooks without the help of my content editor James Wasem nor done any of the great videos without the great work of my video editor, Jes Sanchez.

Thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

In fact, James Wasem and I partnered up in July with our live sound training, Live Sound Basics, a crash course in the fundamentals of running great live sound and becoming an in-demand live sound tech.

In addition to all the free content on the blog, which is too much to mention, some updates to my Quick Mixing course and subsequent release of my eBook, Better Mixes in Less Time, I’d say that the year has been very productive and hopefully valuable to your productions.

Goals for 2018

Last year I worked with musicians all over the world, from America to Sweden and all the way to Australia.

Of all the production work I did in 2017, there was one thing that stood out that I’m hoping to do more for you in 2018.

One-on-one training and custom mix tutorials.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working with other people was helping them improve their productions in a one-on-one setting. Instead of just working on their songs I would show them exactly how they should record and mix so that they could do it better on their own.

Here’s what my friend Jevan from Australia, whom I helped with a custom mix tutorial and one-on-one coaching in the last year, had to say about his experience:

“Thank you very much for your extremely informative mix tutorial. I’ve only been mixing for a couple of years now and have been learning on the fly through books, online videos and a few courses sourced through the web (quite a few of yours by by the way!).

My main goal is not really to become an engineer and mix for other musicians (am not counting this out though) but to produce and release my own “space/psych/pop/ambient/whatever” music. As with all creative endeavors, feedback and collaboration are integral parts of any creative process so by deliberately isolating oneself as a “solo” musician can be quite a hard path as self doubt, second guessing and sometimes just pure, dead set confusion can set in.

So, I guess, most of what you went through in the mix tutorial with my song was not necessarily new information to me, but because it was presented in such a logical and cohesive fashion, I really felt that I got a huge amount from it. Not the least being how to control the EQ. and utilize reverb effectively.

Previously, I focused on trying to fix things with broad changes using only a couple of mix moves per track/issue, whereas you showed the true value of small incremental steps to get to where you’re aiming for with the mix.

And in regards to the focus of a mix, I really think you ‘got’ my aim for a mix that sounds clear and cohesive but also a bit old school and analogue, a la some of the 70s music I’m so obviously influenced by.

Another big takeaway for me was that mixing truly is a subjective artform along with the actual composition, arrangement and performance stages and that a clear goal before you start is if not a must, then extremely helpful. I’ll try to stop mixing as I write/arrange/track from now on!!”

I realized that although you can learn a lot from courses and tutorials, you’ll improve a lot faster when you get one-on-one instruction that’s customized to your own piece of music.

So this year, it’s my goal to help more home studio musicians like yourself, one-on-one.

If that’s something you’re interested in, contact me here and let me know you’re interested in one-on-one production coaching.

Talk to you then,


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