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Wowza! What a Tallsome Tale! Listen to the Podcast Behind Our New Album

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the creative process behind a full-length album, you’re in luck.

Last month, I recorded a full podcast season with my latest musical project, The Carnivaleros. Our podcast, Tales From the Homestead, takes you behind the scenes of Tallsome Tales, the sixth release from The Carnivaleros.

Here are the episodes we have so far:

  • Episode Zero – Introduction to Tallsome Tales: Introduction to the podcast, our cast of characters and what we will be discussing throughout the season.
  • Liquor, Vice and Sin: The imagery of being out way too late, Wild West guitar licks, crazy carnival polka clowns and megaphone vocals. Definitely read the lyrics to this one. The imagery is so great!
  • Let’s Dance: The story about discovering Zydeco music, saxophone and organ solos, and what the hell is “desert bayou” music?!? Love the Bo Diddley rhythms and brass arrangements on this one!
  • Rudy Got Caught Again: The story of the stereotypical hard luck hustler, minor key chord progressions and rolling rumba rhythms, and stylistic reverb choices. Love the vibe behind the
  • Young Danny Lee: The true tragedy of Danny Lee, who was accidentally shot by his father in their old Kansas town in the 1950s, and the haunting house they left behind. The fact that Gary didn’t start writing lyrics until he was fifty in inspiring to everyone who thinks they’re starting out in the music game too late.

Basically, in the podcast, you’ll learn about the inspirations behind the songs and how they came to be – the fun stories, the cautionary tales, and the tragedies. Along the way, you’ll learn how even the smallest of ideas evolve into full-fledged production with humorous anecdotes about the talented musicians and technical wizardry that aided them along the way.

We describe our music as “Desert Bayou,” which includes a mix of Eastern European, Zydeco, and Tex-Mex influences. I was lucky to be invited to join these guys last summer and I’ve been manning the acoustic guitar and singing backup vocals onstage with them since then.

I was so curious about their creative process that I persuaded them to sit down with me to talk about every single song off the album.

So, every episode, we deconstruct a new song before playing it to you, giving you the inside scoop on every cut off the album.

Take a listen to the first five episodes here, and please leave us some comments to let us know what you think!

If you’re interested in knowing more about The Carnivaleros, click here to be notified of future episodes.

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